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This week, the Dutch Consumers Association collates complaints from customers experiencing “Joycon” with similar organizations in Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Europe’s BEUC. I advised you to do it. Drift “. The Belgian and French associations have already created a list of 1,000 complaints, and given the scope of the requests, I think the list is growing very rapidly.

“We’re calling because we’re getting a signal that the switch won’t last as long as consumers expect. In addition, consumers are expensive because of the limited options for repairing the console. It has been forced to exchange. The answers will be used to determine further actions to be taken, “said Sandra Morener, director of the Consumers Association.

The main purpose is to highlight a well-known issue with Nintendo and bring it to court if it is not resolved, but Nintendo is fairly obsessed with the situation as multiple proceedings have been filed against the company. I had to do it. But at least that’s the beginning, as Nintendo recently refunded to consumers who paid for Joy-Con repairs for disabilities in some countries.

We’ll see over time whether the revised Joy-Con model will be available in console bundles and standalone stock, but at the time of writing, we haven’t heard of any changes to the components used in the Nintendo Switch controller. ..


EU: Multiple consumer groups are collating Joy-Con drift complaints to present to Nintendo

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