Multiple Xbox Series X Exclusives May Appear at Game Awards

Next week, the latest edition of The Game Awards may feature multiple Xbox Series X limited editions. Specifically, their monopoly happened to be Senua’s Saga: Helblade 2 and Aboud, neither of which had been in contact for quite some time. And while we won’t know if these titles will go up until the event takes place, one prominent video game insider believes they’re likely to attend the show.

In the latest version of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, host and video game industry reporter Jeff Grubb asked about new games fans should expect at The Game Awards. Grubb has decided to emphasize Hellblade 2 and Avowed as two games he considers likely to be flaunted. “I haven’t heard anything about the opposite, so I’m leaning towards Hellblade 2, which is still there. [And maybe Avowed,” Grubb said during the podcast. As a whole, he also noted that he hasn’t done too much digging into The Game Awards this year and is more interested in seeing the surprises as they come about.

If Hellblade 2 does end up coming about at The Game Awards, it would be the title’s first big re-appearance since 2019, when it was originally revealed at the show. Conversely, Avowed, which is a new RPG from Obsidian, is largely still shrouded in mystery. Outside of a debut trailer that arrived last summer, not much has been highlighted of the project, meaning that this could be a pretty big showing for the game.

As for when The Game Awards are actually taking place, it’s now less than a week away and will take place on Thursday, December 9 starting at 7:00pm EDT.

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