Multiverse trailer explores the parallel universe of sci-fi thrillers

Parallel Universe Talk is a fun discussion in theory. In fact, traveling to another parallel universe to meet you is not a job.Bad things like indie sci-fi thrillers will certainly continue Multiverse..

Here is the official overview Multiverse:

Colleagues Loretta, Danny, Amy, and Jerry are on the verge of amazing advances in quantum physics when the tragedy strikes. Competing to complete the experiment, Loretta dies in a severe car accident. Five months later, Loretta returns when the trio struggles to get their life and the work they started. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and seems unaware that she has been away for months. Did your friends lose their collective mind, or did something amazing happen? Soon, each of them will face their dead ringer. Professional competition and personal relationships surface, and friends realize that only one version of them can exist in our reality. Violent correction is needed to maintain order.

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Paloma Kwiakowski (castPercy Jackson: Sea of ​​Monsters, Riot girl), Munro Chambers (Turbo kid, Godsend), Robert Nailer (Immortal, Cyberbullying), Sandra May Frank (Soul to keep, The sound of horror), And Marlee Matlin (Children of the inferior god, Picket fence). Gauloveses (Prisoner X, Passage to Ottawa) Doug Taylor (Directing a movie from a script written by Doug Taylor)splice, Christmas horror story).

This is one of those movies that can reach the status of a cult movie if done correctly. Of course, it rides on the tide of numerous films playing with the Multiverse and the Parallel Universe theory. Marvel and DC’s famous comic book franchise will allow you to see more of the storylines of these types of films.

For now, it’s a science fiction novel and we check Multiverse From curiosity.

The movie will be screened in theaters on November 12th. On-demand and digital will follow on November 16th.

See the trailer below. Please let us know what you think.

sauce: Saban Films

Multiverse trailer explores the parallel universe of sci-fi thrillers

https://lrmonline.com/news/multiverse-trailer-explores-the-parallel-universes-in-sci-fi-thriller/ Multiverse trailer explores the parallel universe of sci-fi thrillers

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