MultiVersus Leak: Character Predictions and Wishes

It’s certainly a strange group (Photo: Warner)

MultiVersus, like Super Smash Bros., is a new fighting game with Warner Bros. properties such as Bunny and Bugs Bunny. I’m wondering what I can do next with the recent leak …

Warner’s new free fighting game is currently under closed alpha testing, and so far the reaction to Super Smash Bros. clones has been fairly positive.

It’s a spectacular sight to see characters like Shaggy and Belma perform it with Superman and Wonder Woman, but the game has a very wide range of characters, so who’s next possibility for the game? Start turning the gear to see if there is.

Leak and Data Mining have already revealed that Space Jam 2 tie-ups are next, with LeBron James and Marvin the Martian on the docket, but like Hulk and Wreck-It Ralph (Disney characters). Even non-Warner properties are referenced in the file.

Looking at upcoming Warner movies, it’s easy to guess that these are the rest of the year’s lineup, so you may not get much hints. Characters like Gremlin’s Neo and Gizmo have been found in the leak, but so far there are no signs of them in the early stages of the game.

However, title developer Player First Games is currently trying to rank up in many jobs published on LinkedIn, so different characters may be added frequently.

Setting an upper limit on your thoughts and looking at what Warner is doing now makes it relatively easy to guess what else will happen.

For example, Gandalf may not be released until quite a while later, but it has already been seen in screenshots leaked before the game was announced. However, at Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show, Warner may push to move it to the queue.

Warner’s next year’s release schedule includes the Wily Coyote movie, Coyote vs. Acme. This seems to be definitely referenced, given how many other Looney Tunes characters are already in the game.

Besides this, will you see Dune’s Paul appearing? The game seems to be for kids, but the Game Of Thrones characters are already in the game, Arya Stark is playable in alpha and you can see him rocketing with Bugs Bunny on the trailer. ..

Or is it possible to get a skin for the Kyle MacLachlan version of the character? You can only do what you want.


A dark, grainy restart is nothing on the original canal vehicle (Photo: People)

Wonka is getting some sort of modern reboot, with the movie showing with Barbie.Yes, two hot properties Many Of the possibility of in-game skins.

In particular, the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been a hot topic in the town, so you can definitely see Warner making Wonka skins based on Depp’s performance. It’s unclear if they will get Gene Wilder.

Speaking of Amber Heard, the Aquaman sequel will be released next year, so the Fish Warrior will probably join the Justice League crew along with Flash, depending on how far Ezra Miller falls.

The Mortal Kombat character has already been leaked, but there are rumors that a sequel to Mortal Kombat 11 may be in progress, and a few more may be added. Shao Kahn is a valuable enemy, even if he is just a background character.

But what about the idea of ​​an empty pie, as the cap of our thoughts is firmly held?

Potential MultiVersus characters

Neo and Trinity

The movie was ok! (Photo: Warner)

Neo is cool and everything, but Matrix Revelations has positioned Trinity as a new hero in the world. Seeing the three protagonists play a role in the game with Morpheus is our list. But maybe Agent Smith? He can summon clones to distract you.

For even more ambiguity, what about Osmosis Jones? The cell-sized crime fighter is an excellent callback, and with his little pistol, it’s already a blueprint for remote characters.

References to Hulk and Wreck-It Ralph could mean that some more Disney characters will be added, as Disney features quite a few Warner properties in the new Chip’n’Dale movie. .. Tetsujin, Spider-Man and the two X-Men work astoundingly, but Disney is willing to license out Star Wars after the success seen at Fortnite and the fact that it was seen in Warner’s Lego movie. Maybe, but Marvel wasn’t.

The Amazing World of Gumball and Darwin are certainly shoe-ins at some point, although they will be a deep cut for an adult audience. However, it would be even more interesting for them to add characters that seemed suitable for the show, such as Naomi Waterson, the mother of Gumball who has the entire sequence of Dragon Ball Z parody.

Edit in front of the dead end

I’m terribly worried (Photo: Warner /

Meanwhile, Johnny Bravo was also leaked, so bring in the strongest characters from that era in the 90’s cartoons: Ed, Ed, Ed, Eddie. The sluggish oak can be seen lifting the house, eating the bed and the ridiculous sound effects from the show will be a great touch to all his movements.

It is always possible to put a small Dexter in a large machine.

Since the violent character is already protected from children in the game, it may be possible to create your own version of Freddie vs. Jason. Friday the 13th and Elm Street Nightmare characters could be cool participants in a Halloween-themed update.

Freddie can change people Pizza and Jason sausages may have a special entrance where someone asks, “Ted, where’s the cork bottle opener ?!” Before pulling them out of the frame.

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MultiVersus leaks: character predictions and wishes

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