Mundaun scares some new screenshots

Mundaun scares some new screenshots | MonsterVine

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Hidden Fields and MWMi have released brand new screenshots and GIFs of the following horror titles. Mundown.. The screenshot shows the winter-themed area of ​​the next horror game, all hand-modeled by developer Michel Ziegler.

You can check out some of the screenshots and GIFs below. Mundown twitter..

Official overview of Mundown It is as follows:

“”Created by one developer, Hidden Fields (aka Michel Ziegler), a lovingly hand-written horror adventure, Mundaun is a story set in the dark side of the Swiss Alps that freezes the region. It is a story rooted in such folklore. Players track a young man traveling to the town of Mundown to investigate the mysterious situation behind his grandfather’s death. Along the way, he discovers that something old and demonic is plagued by the eccentric inhabitants of the town. Players solve some handmade puzzles to reveal the secrets of Mundown. You also need to avoid triggering the game’s unique horror system, the “causal” gameplay feature that affects players when they are scared.“”

Mundown It will be released on PC and console next year. For more information, please visit our Steam page.

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Mundaun Scares Up Some New Screenshots

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