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Musgrave Marketplace and Circle K Enter New Five-Year Strategic Partnership

Musgrave MarketPlace, Ireland’s leading wholesaler of food services, retail and SME businesses, and Circle K, Ireland’s largest front yard and convenience store, have announced a new five-year partnership. The deal is worth more than € 300 million for Musgrave MarketPlace and has been a 20-year relationship between Musgrave MarketPlace and Circle K (formerly Shell, Esso, Topaz).

Under the terms of the Product Share Trading Partnership, Musgrave MarketPlace offers a Circle K network of company-owned and franchise service stations. Circle K will fuel 14 service stations owned and operated by the Republic of Ireland and Musgrave of Northern Ireland. These precursors will be rebranded to Circle K over time, bringing the total number of stores on Circle K’s island to 425. Fuels the Musgrave Market Place fleet of delivery vehicles across the island of Ireland.

As a food and beverage wholesaler, Musgrave MarketPlace provides more than 165 Circle K Forecourts nationwide with a total of 2,500 food and beverage products, including groceries, beverages, catering, frozen and frozen foods, and impulses. In addition to frozen products, Musgrave MarketPlace also offers fresh products such as salads, meats, pastries and sandwich fillings.

Musgrave MarketPlace has a wide product range in all major food and beverage categories and is proud to support more than 680 local Irish suppliers with more than 3,500 Irish products within that range. .. This ongoing partnership will also provide significant support to local suppliers during these uncertain times, in line with the company’s commitment to support Ireland.

Regarding this initiative, Michael McCormack of Musgrave Market Place said: “We are pleased to be able to continue our long-standing relationship with Circle K. With our long-standing cooperation, we will be able to understand Circle K’s business needs and continue to provide first-class scope and services to Circle K Forecourt nationwide. We are confident that our unparalleled product range, unmatched delivery options, and Irish production and innovation efforts provide the foundation for a mutually successful partnership. With 145 years of experience in Ireland. As a family-owned company, building long-term partnerships is important to us-certainly it is one of our Massgrave values. Reappointment after the competitive bidding process is ours. We support our values ​​and our approach to business. “

Gordon Roller, Managing Director of Circle K, added: “In addition to Circle K’s unique wide range of high-quality products, our ongoing partnership with Musgrave MarketPlace and access to its superior products will continue to provide our customers with truly compelling products.

We are also pleased to expand our fuel partnership to 14 service stations on both sides of the border and become Musgrave’s preferred fuel supplier in Northern Ireland, already building a very strong partnership on the fuel side. With these 14 new sites totaling 425 stores, we are confident that this partnership will provide further growth opportunities in the coming years.

We have had great success over the last 20 years in our long-term partnership with Musgrave Market Place. They have a deep understanding of our commitment to innovation for the benefit of our business and our customers. “

The photo shows Michael McCormack, Managing Director of Musgrave Market Place, and Gordon Lawlor, Managing Director of Circle K. Musgrave Market Place.

Musgrave Marketplace and Circle K Enter New Five-Year Strategic Partnership Musgrave Marketplace and Circle K Enter New Five-Year Strategic Partnership

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