Musical shooter Pop Slinger is now available on Switch


Funky Can Creative has announced Pop Slinger, a vibrant musical shooter inspired by 90’s anime. The game will be available on Switch on January 26, 2022.

In this game, the player takes on the role of Ria Carbon. It says, “A normal girl has turned into an overconfident goofball hero Pop Slinger.” It focuses on a character who must save the planet from an ominous intruder using a soda-powered gun powered by a former pop slinger named Jin.

Expect to pop, avoid and slam sticky monsters in the game. There are various super powerful bosses to undertake as well known as Corazones. Combat involves strategy, but collisions are a side-scrolling action format.

PopSlinger has several different gameplay hooks. For example, players can improve performance within the ranking system and unlock flavor guns such as cola lasers, straw shooter strawberries, and cap popper oranges. They can also act as a power source for other weapons and collect popping souls that promote rear health.

Additional information about the mechanism is as follows:

Gain the power to pop out by shooting a sequence of colored enemy groups. Earn powerful magical dream times and complete multiple sequences in a row to make the rear invincible and collect a ton of rank points. Select the target according to the required ability. Double calls Jin as a rearguard, and Heal summons a can of soda to speed recovery.

Below is a trailer for Pop Slinger.

PopSlinger will be digitally sold to Switch as an e-shop download.You can access the official website here..

Source: Funky Can Creative PR

Musical shooter Pop Slinger is now available on Switch

Source link Musical shooter Pop Slinger is now available on Switch

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