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WWE Raw Superstar Mustafa Ali After commenting on RawTalk last Monday, there could be a problem with WWE. Otherwise, he blurs the line between work and filming. Ali tweeted, “I don’t know if we can offer a live mic again.”

Ali suggests that WWE may not offer him a live mic again after commenting on the WWE legend that appeared in Raw. “A night like tonight is exactly what’s wrong with this company,” Ali said. “3 hours [for] Someone who can barely walk? “

He continued. “I’m not embarrassed. I know exactly that my previous generation paved the way, but can you let me walk that way in hell? Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa Why, myself, not all of the contributions are on the show? Because I need to ask what makes my brother do it again. “

Charlie Caruso Legends said they cheered, but Ali pointed out that Thunderdome’s cheers were being piped. He said. I’m sure it was. “

“Can you give me a chance? Someone can contribute to this business, and even this company, but it’s not. Let’s put everything aside and give 3 hours to those who can hardly walk.”

Caruso said those legends couldn’t walk because they lined up their bodies for the fans. You can check out the following clips from WWE’s official Twitter account. Clips are everywhere in your social media account, so this could be just a shoot.

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Mustafa Ali: “3 hours [for] Someone who can barely walk? ” Mustafa Ali: “3 hours [for] Someone who can barely walk? ”

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