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The whole MMA world was in a turmoil with Ronda Rousey’s second KO straight defeat and eventually her final match. UFC..Some of the things that ring the chime Bellatorof Michael Page (MVP).

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Headline: Michael Page has a good time dancing with Ronda Rousey

Author: Fernando Quills Jr.

It’s no secret that Bellator’s Michael Page is flashy and flashy. The welterweight has made some headaches with his combat style and highlight reel knockouts. His stunning Flying Knockout of Evangelista Santos caused a skull fracture in the “Cyborg”.

The flashiness of “Venom” has moved out of the cage.He took him Instagram account Welcome to the new year. He created a new “Do the Rousey” dance.In the video, Page ridicules “Rowdy” defense with her female bantamweight title Amanda Nunes With UFC 207.

Rausie was starred to “Liones” in 48 seconds at the last Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event in 2016. This was the first match of “Rodi” since she was knocked out. Holly Holm November 2015. Following her second consecutive knockout defeat, the internet exploded with jokes and memes at her expense.

It counts as one of the things that make the most of “MVP”.

Page hasn’t been defeated yet with a 12-0 record and has been competing for Bellator eight times. Although the page is known for its exciting style, the final match against Fernando Gonzalez was considered by many to be a snoozer. “Venom” left with the victory of the split decision.

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MVP Mock Ronda Rausie with New Dance (2017) MVP Mock Ronda Rausie with New Dance (2017)

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