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I’m not for folklore, I’m afraid to admit, enough by the fact that Gladius-a series close to my heart, and just discovered the most taken from my purse Years in various ways that can be explained-the name is named after a fictional planet. I only vaguely knew the fact that the ship was piloted by one James Burton-clearly in honor of James Hetfield and Cliff Burton, the name of the combination drawn from Metallica. There seems to be a lot to learn.

Lore is interesting when it comes to old games, especially those unleashed in the fierce diligence of Japan’s bubble economy, which was often fast and loose. There may have been a deeper story in the design documentation somewhere, and there might have been a spectacular thread connecting these different worlds, but I’m sure most of the details were later sketched by other hands-others. There is probably a copywriter who fills the space with one of the manuals that will become a scripture on the world side, or later, by someone in the marketing department. In Gradius, much of the detail comes from the atypical, redundant MSX spin-off Nemesis 2, where other scraps are spliced ​​together as the series goes from one hand to another.

But in reality, you have to run through the development team’s cinema ticket stub with a rifle to see what it is. Of course, there are aliens in the essential heterogeneous world of the second stage of Gradius 2. Or, the influence of Lensman’s laser-filled brands is spreading. Of science fiction. But for all those different patchwork, for all those different interviews and for all the different places you send, these are games with a sense of indelible place.

Gladius offers outer space as hostile and ignorant, but still comfortably ridiculous-for example, on the moai’s head floating in ether, or even on the chubby rounded edges of Vic Viper itself-and absolutely It’s full of wonders. Pixels couldn’t be wasted, thanks to the abbreviations of 80’s video game design. Playing prime shooters of the era claims that Gradius is the best premium, but it’s as instantly exciting as seeing a great piece. With both pulp sci-fi cover art, you can take you to another world with a heartbeat.

I don’t even know if I can visit the planet Gradius throughout the series-please overlook if I’m wrong, but I’ve always kept other priorities in mind during the hundreds of hours I’ve spent I’ve been playing the game for years, but it’s neither here nor in reality. The Konami series is a world in itself, a place of wonder and fantasy with rounded eyes. This is a short, sharp shot of 80’s sci-fi, making it more exciting than ever.


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