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Australian readers make his first impression On the PlayStation 5, I’ll explain why he was so impressed with the new console.

There are many reasons to feel lucky to live in Australia, but the biggest reason this week is that it was included in the first release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 a week earlier than in Europe. Pre-orders here also seem to be difficult to get. So I was fortunate to have an upgrade for the next (current) generation after the release date. And after spending a few days getting used to it, I wanted to share my early impressions with GameCentral readers.

First, let’s talk about the elephants in this room. PlayStation 5 is big. All news sites commented on its size, which was obvious when picking it up from the store, and I was advised that they didn’t have a bag big enough to hold the box. It was! When I opened the console box, I re-evaluated where it was supposed to be, due to its size.

My PlayStation 4 was incredibly hot and noisy during the Australian summer, so I think standing it up will help maximize the ventilated design. I’m playing games on a projector and screen and I thought there was plenty of space for this, but it’s very annoying, especially because the light coming from the top of the console reflects off the screen. I was delighted and surprised that the stand was easy to install and seemed solid enough to avoid the risk of wobbling.

When you turn on the PlayStation 5 for the first time, you’ll see the expected set of setup menus, which is pretty much fine. Within minutes, the existing PSN profile was transferred and set up. Even easier was to use an external hard drive with hundreds of games downloaded. Simply plug it in and everything was instantly recognized, with no transfers or additional setup required. And Sony finally congratulated us on the USB port on the back of the console. Unbelievable!

Dive into the pre-installed Astro playroom and it’s fun right away. A greatly expanded demo to showcase the features of the DualSense controller, incorporating Nintendo’s approach to game design by introducing new gameplay elements at each level. Although short, it celebrates the history of the PlayStation brand with many compliments on systems, games, and peripherals. The game ends quickly, but as it progresses, Speedrun unlocks and there are plenty of collectibles to keep looking for the Completionist there.

With all the features of DualSense unveiled in Astro’s playroom, it feels like a big step forward from the Dualshock 4. The increased tactile sensation of the rumble provides real feedback based on the game situation, from fighting storms to emotions. You feel the game world as much as you see it, as a pattern of gentle rain slides on the ice. And adaptive triggers feel like this obvious advance and will definitely become the norm for all controllers in the future. The potential for platformers, first-person shooters, especially driving games, seems huge.

Finally, ultra-fast SSD. It’s a game changer, right? Yes, it is. And probably no. The load time is definitely significantly reduced. Astro bounces from world to world in just over 3 seconds. It’s very impressive. And you forget that it’s a feature and take it for granted almost immediately. You won’t be surprised by the fast loading for a long time, but you’ll find it very unpleasant to stare at the loading screen of older platforms.

There are some small quirks. I’ve never had a problem with the DualShock 4’s light bar, but I’ve noticed it much more than when using the DualShock, as the DualSense lights are pointing up so they’re less noticeable. There is also a problem I found while using YouTube. This is due to the very slow loading and buffering of the video during playback. This is not a problem on other devices.

It’s no exaggeration to say that my early impressions of the PlayStation 5 are overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to the experience that will be offered in the coming years and hope that GC readers will manage to experience it on the 19th.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention it. So far, it works so quietly that it stays cool to the touch, so the fingers cross and this will continue for the next summer months.

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My first day with the PS5 – Reader’s Feature

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