My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Review: Full of Action

From the first scene, it’s clear My Hero Academia: The Mission of the Heroes of the World I set my stakes ridiculously high. A terrorist organization called Humarise has created chemical weapons that send people’s habits to overdrive. The city they first used was completely destroyed. All those with habits die, leaving only those without “chosen” habits.

Unlike the last two movies World hero mission Class 1-A students and professional heroes are dispatched around the world to attack Humarise, so you won’t waste your time taking action. It’s also pretty clear from the jump that the film’s animation style is slightly different, with an emphasis on exaggerated expressions of characters and action scenes. The animation itself is definitely not bad, but there are visible differences.

The whole of Class 1-A will come out someday, but the movie is actually about Deku, Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki’s Journey, and the new character Rodi Soul.The trio, along with Endeavor, will be sent to Otheon in the European country to fight Humary’s, and this will take me to the first one I really like World hero mission, See more of the world.

The country of Otheon is very different from the landscape of Japan, with rustic old buildings and rolling hills. It’s great to see the fresh faces of other parts of the world, such as San Francisco, Egypt and France, and the heroes who work there. Take, for example, the ridiculous Faroa hero from Egypt. His habit is the fact that he is 2D.
Watching heroes around the world fight this new threat actually adds a sense of scale and charm not found in the last two movies.


in the meantime World hero mission Focus on character development, especially as new characters named Deku and Lodi Soul escape the law, slowing down in the middle of the movie. Lodi is a citizen of Otheon who lives with two young brothers in a trailer park. He and Deku find themselves inadvertently involved in a plan hatched by Humarise and fleeing both law and terrorist organizations.

Lodi himself brings a really interesting aspect My hero academia, Because he is a more grounded character who has spent most of his life experiencing the dark side of humanity. He initially doesn’t believe in the “justice” that heroes pursue, but makes Deku think about what it really means to be a hero. The dynamics between the two is a big highlight of the story, and Lodi is probably my favorite original character in all three movies.

But what doesn’t work is the movie villain Flect Turn. Humarise’s leader spends most of his film adjusting things out of the shadows, and he never finds the inside story. It’s interesting how the character’s past is tied to his habits, but I feel that Flect Turn’s development is absolutely lacking. Especially after the previous movie did a great job of empathizing with the villain Nine.

what World hero mission Action is important because you can hardly go for 10 minutes without another big battle scene erupting. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing, especially in the second half, as it gives the movie a kind of pitch. This makes absolute sense for the ridiculously high stakes set by the movie, and the surroundings of this battle are consistently and stunningly animated. There are many stylizations in these battles with unique camera angles and ideas, but they generally work. Deku, Shoto Todoroki, and the Bakugo all have a brilliant time, and each of them fights the penultimate battle. As mentioned earlier, this is a movie specifically about the trio, so the rest of Class 1-A is out of the limelight. Sure, it’s a bit disappointing, but an exaggerated battle near the end helps make up for it.

World hero mission Is arguably a different beast from the two previous films, focusing on exaggerated battles rather than quiet character moments, but they still exist to some extent. Some things are lost by not covering the cast too much, but I enjoyed the new elements. World hero mission, And the film is easy to make My hero academia The universe feels bigger and more magnificent than before. The usual lack of explanation and explanation of the ideas in the series means that this is a movie aimed head-on at franchise fans, but if you’re alone, it’s a fun time.

Score: 8/10

Like Coming Soon Review policy Explain that a score of 8 is equal to “great”. There are some minor issues, but this score means that art achieves its goals and leaves an impressive impact.

Disclosure: Critics received our screener My Hero Academia: The Mission of the Heroes of the World review.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Review: Full of Action

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