“My series isn’t about Udham Singh. It’s about the Julian Waraberg case.” – Ram Madhvani: Bollywood News

How much do you expect to win an Emmy?
I don’t want to hear it as a cliché. But to me, it is an honor for us to be nominated. We didn’t expect it. I do nothing with expectations. When the series is here, I would like to thank Universe and Miss Universe.

Is it a good line to use?
(((smile) Become a guest. But seriously, Aaliyah It wouldn’t have been possible without Sasmita Sen. She incorporated her personality and her inner strengths as a part of it, and had a personality far beyond all expectations. There are many things to observe and thank from Sushmita. She can talk on any topic in the sun. She gives off a positive attitude. When you go to a restaurant with her, she connects with everyone there, from other patrons to waiters. She is having a conversation with all of them.

Did you have a better bond while filming your second season? Aaliyah??
I shot Season 2 through a pandemic. Her professionalism and innate wisdom made it much easier. I really appreciate Sushmita, Endemol Shine and Disney + Hotstar. We have been involved in this project for 12 years.

Have you ever returned to the Emmy Awards and saw other candidates in the Best Drama Series category?
No, I didn’t have time.I’m shooting season 2 Aaliyah That’s it.I was also busy with feature films Damaka Starring Kartik Aaryan, streamed on Netflix later this month. However, they (Emmy nominees) are all highly regarded series and for my own satisfaction I will see them as soon as possible rather than comparing them to competitors.

Speaking of Damaka How was that experience?
I must say I was very lucky with the actors.Whether it was Sushmita Aaliyah Or Kartik Aaryan in Damaka, They were fully involved in the project and committed. They were far beyond my expectations. Kartik will surprise the world Damaka..

Now you are in the Udham Singh series. Is there any fear of being compared to the Shogit Circer movie?
First of all, my series is not about Udham Singh. It’s about the entire Jarian Waraberg case. Second, I’m a big fan of Shogit Circer’s work. I will watch his movie as soon as possible. I’m sure what I have to say will be very different from his movie.

Is there a movie genre you would like to try?
(Promptly) musical. I want to do a full-fledged musical with a lip-sync song.

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“My series isn’t about Udham Singh. It’s about the Julian Waraberg case.” – Ram Madhvani: Bollywood News

https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/features/series-wont-udham-singh-will-jallianwala-bagh-incident-ram-madhvani/ “My series isn’t about Udham Singh. It’s about the Julian Waraberg case.” – Ram Madhvani: Bollywood News

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