My time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock-Like my time at Portia, it takes place in a healthy apocalyptic world about 300 years after the day of the disaster. You take on a job in the city-state of Sandrock and take on the role of a fledgling builder who is sent to the rough and rugged streets. It’s up to you and your trusted toolset to collect resources, build machines, repair workshops to greasy production machines, and save the city from financial ruin and other unexpected problems. Key features: Customize and build workshops: Use a complex set of machines to assemble parts of the town’s huge structures one at a time, or head to the workbench for hundreds of unique items Can be created. You can help individual townspeople or place them throughout your own home. Explore the open world: Explore the vast deserts around Sandrock, dive into the ruins, find ancient relics of the Old World, and face the dangers of dungeons and their inhabitants. Then return home with an obstructive treasure. More Elaborate Stories and Deeper Characters: Very fulfilling stories, hundreds of side quests boasting over 30 completely new characters, not only attracting more attention than before with their own stories they discover. series. NEW COMBAT: An improved combat system that allows players to quickly switch between close-quarters combat and third-person shooter mechanics. Skill up: Level up your character with various skills to support your adventure. Decide whether to improve your crafting, combat, or social skills, depending on your playstyle. And there’s more: you take your profits, turn the empty prairie lands around you into cultivable lands for a more laid-back lifestyle, and sell your crops or sell them. Change to delicious food. There’s an original soundtrack with dynamic in-game music that reflects where the player is and what they’re doing. You’ll find everything you’ve enjoyed in My Time at Portia and more, and you’ll be able to unwind in My Time at Sandrock, a fun life simulation RPG.

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