Mysterious Danderer: Tower of Luck and Dice of Destiny (Switch eShop)

You probably have heard Mystery dungeon It’s a previous series, probably because you’ve seen one of many series Pokemon Or Final Fantasy Spin off.Spin-offs have had their own lives, but their origins Mysterious dancer A game that goes back to SNES. Mysterious Danderer: Tower of Luck and Dice of Destiny Standing as the fifth numbered entry in the series, it was first seen on the Nintendo DS in 2010 for a Japan-only release. Five years later, I went west via the PlayStation Vita expansion port and now I received a further expanded port for the switch. While core gameplay remains disruptive, Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and Dice of Fate have proven to be well-built roguelikes that offer the same challenges and fun.

Mysterious Dancer 5 (For the sake of brevity, let’s call it from now on) Keep the premise of a fairly basic story. It revolves around an almost completely simple search and rescue mission. The event begins when the renowned hero and his talking ferret, Coppa, first meet Oyu, a deadly sick girl who lives in a village at the foot of the mysterious Tower of Destiny. However, her friend Jirokichi is reluctant to accept her imminent death, so she finds the dice of fate and tries to climb the tower to reach the god of fate.

It was a dangerous journey, and Jirokichi was certainly not ready for it, so Siren and Coppa decided to chase the boy and help him in his quest. Sure, that’s not much of a story, but a very iterative and gameplay-focused game like Shiren the Wanderer 5 doesn’t work very well due to long conversations and cutscene breaks. What’s here is doing its job well and doesn’t get in the way of endless dungeon crawls.

Most of your experience will be spent winding through randomly generated dungeons. All dungeons are arranged in the same way. The exact shape will vary from time to time, but each floor in each dungeon is basically a series of rectangular rooms interconnected by a corridor. You’ll need to find a staircase somewhere to get there, but even if you stumble early, it’s usually a good idea to hang around. Each floor usually has a lot of useful items that can help make running easier. Occasionally, you’ll find NPCs to join or pop up stores to spend cash.

Normally, each floor also crawls with the enemy. This is where the series-specific turn-based battle begins. As long as Siren is stationary, time remains frozen, and every step across the grid-based floor advances time by one tick. It’s a simple concept to understand, but it’s easy to see that you need to take advantage of the edges of this timegate system to survive. Sometimes it’s best to get your enemies to come to you and trap them in the traps you set. Sometimes it’s better to run and make some distance so that you can give yourself more options. You attack mainly by pressing a simple button, Real Combat flesh comes from a random item cavalry found along the way.

You can find new weapons and armor that replace the old and weak versions, but you can also find merchandise like magic scrolls that give powerful spells. You can also throw objects, so you can use a scroll that randomly teleports somewhere on the floor to teleport your enemies instead. Many items synergize well with each other, and many of them seem to have only vague contextual uses, but the Mysterious Danderer 5 always encourages you to try what you find subtly. I like to be

Shiren the Wanderer 5 isn’t ashamed to hit his head with that difficulty, so it requires a lot of experimentation. Some of these dungeons can take a considerable amount of time to clear all floors and are not easy to climb. From time to time, you find yourself in a monster’s house. There, you hit half a dozen strong enemies that prevent you from escaping. Sometimes you step on an invisible trap, and suddenly half of your health is gone.

It is expected to prepare for such an unforeseen situation in advance. Otherwise, you will die quickly, whether you are ignorant or overconfident. That is, the inventory is emptied and returned to its original state. The Wanderer Rescue System has a little mercy that allows other players to save your bacon through the miracle of online play, but this is not always reliable.

Frankly, this uncompromising difficulty can create or destroy the mysterious Danderer 5 for most people. On the other hand, it can be thrilling to know that every move you make has a real interest. It gives a real sense of weight to all decisions and combat encounters. On the other hand, it’s totally disappointing to see the 30-minute progress wrapped in smoke due to bad luck, no matter how sliced. If you’re a player who doesn’t want to take that risk in the game, it’s a good idea to think twice before taking the plunge.

This is technically number 3 When Shiren the Wanderer 5 was released, Spike Chunsoft thought it was a good idea to include some additional content that would help make the package a little more attractive. A major new feature is the inclusion of three new dungeons with their own set of rules for changing the way you play, such as having to clear all floors without using weapons. In addition to the dungeons, there is also a new sound check feature that allows you to select the music you can listen to. There is also a “live display mode” that helps people who want to live stream their gameplay on Twitch and elsewhere. So if you’ve played this release before, it’s not enough to justify a double dip, but it’s the most content-rich version ever, so beginners can rest assured.

Shiren the Wanderer 5 also suffers from the same repetitive problems that plague all mystery dungeon games. Simply put, the actual process of exploring and clearing the floor does not change throughout the experience, and it doesn’t take long to feel monotonous, much like performing the same basic task. Hmm. Sure, the types of enemies can change and the floor layout changes all the time, but it feels non-addictive due to the lack of an extra X factor in the core formula of the Mystery Dungeon.

Maybe it’s a lack of comprehensive character progression. Maybe it’s a lack of dungeon puzzles. Maybe it’s an uninteresting layout of the dungeon. Whatever it is, it’s very easy to get bored with the mysterious Danderer 5 in a long play session. This is certainly a good title for bite-sized handheld sessions.

For that presentation, Shiren the Wanderer 5 demonstrates a good mastery of 16-bit visual style, consistently a beautiful-looking title. In many ways, this feels like a timeless and lost SNES title, and we mean it in the best possible way. The environment and sprites are very detailed and colorful. Nothing really pushes the boundaries of pixel art here, but it’s clear that a lot of effort has been put into getting all these sprites. However correct. It’s all backed by a chiptune soundtrack that’s certainly less noticeable, but it’s great for setting the mood where you need it.


Mysterious Danderer: The Tower of Luck and the Dice of Destiny are one of the releases that can go in either direction. If you don’t mind repeating and don’t be afraid of difficult spikes, there’s a lot of depth and content here and you’ll be busy for quite some time. If these warnings are causing concern to you, Switch has several other mystery dungeon titles that may offer a better experience. No matter where you fall, the Mysterious Danderer: The Tower of Luck and the Dice of Destiny are definitely worth your time, and we encourage you to take a look at it.

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