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Established a position as a leading company in the extremely popular casual game world Speak Tom Outfit 7 in the series embarks on a new challenge ahead of the launch of a groundbreaking strategy game. Mythic Legends..

In partnership with publisher HyperDot Studios, Slovenian-based developers have announced the start of pre-registration for their next automated chess strategy title. A game that aims to provide a whole new mobile experience by incorporating the best elements of today’s auto chess, RPG and strategy games.

If you have played the automatic chess app before, you will be more familiar Mythic LegendsThe concept of fighting other players in a chessboard-style arena. Before starting each match, you need to strategically place a team of units on the board to maximize the unit’s capabilities and build synergies between attacks during automated combat actions.

The battle itself is fast-paced with plenty of dramatic visuals and animations. However, the true magic of the game lies in its fun progression system and the vast roster of collectable champions inspired by the sword and sorcery story. This allows you to continue your constant quest to complete your team.

Pre-registration Currently only available to Android users. Android users will receive a MythicBoosterPack when the game finally launches when registered from the Google Play Store.

Mythic Legends Next month, it will be released as a free game that can be played on both iOS and Android devices.

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‘Mythic Legends’ Has Opened Pre-Registration for Android Ahead of Next Month’s Global Launch

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