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Mythical Games buys Polystream for real-time 3D streaming of the Metaverse

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Myth game, The makers of the Blankos Block Party game have acquired Polystream for real-time 3D streaming of the Metaverse.

The purchase price has not been disclosed. This is Mythical’s first acquisition and has raised $ 270 million to date thanks to its pioneering role in creating games. Non-fungible token (NFT).

Mythical Games has turned Blankos Block Party into an open-world multiplayer game and has created over 1 million player accounts so far. It helped it get Marc Andreessen Horowitz as a sponsor of Marquee Silicon Valley Venture Capital Company.

We are currently using some of that loot to use for the acquisition of the Metaverse Streaming Platform. PolystreamBased in Guildford, England, it has approximately 20 employees.They have built a technology that makes it easy to jump off some of the Metaverse — A virtual world universe where everything is interconnected, as in the following novel Snow crash When Ready player one And the latest Matrix Resurrections Movie — Another.


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Above: The Blankos Block Party at Mythical Games can download Polystream and play faster.

Image credit: Myth game

“Not everyone is willing to download 100GB to play Warzone on high-end gaming PC rigs,” said John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games, in an interview with GamesBeat. “Many people want to be able to join these immersive 3D worlds and quickly dive in, interact, interact, and leave. We can run Blankos with their technology. I was able to do it, but suddenly I was able to run it in the cloud. But now the client is only 5MB, so this is a very thin client. “

Polystream is using an interactive streaming platform to transform the way real-time 3D content is streamed at scale. Polystream’s technology provides what you need for interactive 3D consumer entertainment, allowing both gamers and non-gamers to instantly join their favorite content. In other words, you will be able to play without having to download a large number of game clients.

Above: John Linden is CEO of Mythical Games.

Image credit: Myth game

This helps with the Metaverse vision that people see as being able to jump from one world to the next. For now, when I try to do this, I get stuck at first downloading more than 10GB of data and have to do it every time I jump into a new world. This is not a beginner for mobile users.

Polystream’s “Extended Reality” technology makes games and content more accessible to all players on more devices and platforms. Early testing with Mythical’s Blankos Block Party game reduced the full 4GB game client to a 5MB PC client and downloaded it in seconds.

“I don’t think customers are motivated to download 18GB of Unreal games, whether it’s fashion or concerts, as the world of this kind of metaverse is growing,” Linden said. “They want to be in the 3D world within 30 seconds with the click of a button.”

Not only does this technology allow more players to enjoy the game almost instantly on more devices, but it also keeps the game up-to-date without the need for additional updates when content changes. can do.

Mythical aims to leverage Polystream cloud-native infrastructure and its own economic engine to decentralize the mechanics of game publishing and more completely close the gap between blockchain and mainstream games.

According to Linden, Mythical now has its own patented streaming technology stack, as well as an economical engine, capable of delivering the 3D world in seconds on almost any platform. In addition, Polystream technology provides this experience with central processing unit (CPU) cloud hardware, making it faster at a fraction of the cost of cloud streaming platforms that use graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware. Allows expansion.

“It’s more economical because we don’t have to have a GPU server in the cloud,” Linden said. “It’s less wasteful to the environment than having a separate set of GPUs. Like any other cloud machine, it uses a regular CPU server. It can be run on almost any platform. “

Above: Mythical Games’ Blankos Block Party uses NFT.

Image credit: Myth game

Polystream’s headquarters in Guildford, UK, will provide Mythical with a European hub at the heart of cloud-native blockchain-based technology and gaming. Polystream co-founders Bruce Grove and Adam Billyard, who spoke at last year’s Metaverse event, will be part of the senior leadership team.

“Our mission was to confuse everything we knew about cloud-native games from day one. As part of Mythical Games, our platform is blockchain-based technology and millions of consumers. I can’t express how excited I am today by bridging the gap between them and bringing the benefits of NFT games to the bigger stage through accessible masses. Market games, “Polystream said. Grove, CEO, said in a statement. “We’ve been following Mythical for a long time. They not only regain ownership of IP to creators and users, but importantly, they share a Metaverse vision that makes it fun. The whole team is very proud that they never gave up on making what they could, and I can’t wait to start working with new friends and colleagues at Mythical. “

With the acquisition of Polystream, Mythical has more than 200 employees and the company continues to work. employment For a global role.

Linden admitted that hardcore gamers hate blockchain games. He said Mythical’s foundation is environmentally sound, based on proof of stake technology. His company’s team has roots in hardcore games, so the focus is on creating fun games first, rather than fraudulent business models first. However, he believes that gamers can make money at the same time they play fun games and use those profits to make financial profits over time.

Mythical’s overall goal is to bring blockchain to the masses, such as through the Blankos Block Party and third-party games that use Mythical’s platform. The Mythical platform is built on an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) compatible sidechain using a proof of authority consensus model that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the proof of work model used in Bitcoin and Ethereum. increase. No mining, cryptocurrency manipulation or player participation is required to mine NFTs and integrate the marketplace through the Mythical platform.

Mythical’s platform is built on the idea of ​​inviting players to stakeholders in the gaming economy by giving them ownership of their digital collections. Instead of creating a “blockchain game,” the Mythical platform leverages blockchain technology to open new revenue doors for players and allow them to take advantage of the time and money they already spend on games. To.

Linden, Jamie Jackson and Rudy Koch founded the company in 2018.


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Mythical Games buys Polystream for real-time 3D streaming of the Metaverse Mythical Games buys Polystream for real-time 3D streaming of the Metaverse

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