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Today, Pokemon Company International announces that the mythical Pokemon Zard will star in the next animated Pokemon movie “Pokemon in the Movie: The Secret of the Jungle” and an expansion of the latest Pokemon trading card game released today. did. It will also appear in the best-selling Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield video games through future distributions.

“Theatrical version Pokemon Jungle Secret” trailer released

Pokemon Company International has released the latest animated film based on the beloved Pokemon franchise “Pokemon The Movie: The Secrets of the Jungle”, which was launched in 2021 for fans around the world. Trainers can watch the official trailer for “Pokemon The Movie: Secret of”. “Jungle” on the Pokemon YouTube channel.

The 23rd Pokemon anime movie “Pokemon the Movie: The Secret of the Jungle” tells the story of the creation of a new bond between humans and Pokemon with the boy Coco raised by Pokemon. Deep in the jungle, far from human settlements, is the Okoya Forest. This is a Pokemon paradise that is forbidden by outsiders and protected by strict rules. Coco, a human boy raised as a Pokemon, lives in this jungle. According to the mythical Pokemon Zarud. Coco has grown up without doubt that she is a Pokemon. But one day, an accidental encounter between Ash and Pikachu leaves Coco with his first human friend. Is he really a Pokemon? Or is he really a human? When danger threatens the Okoya Forest, the bond between Pokemon and humans, and the love between parents and children is tested.

New Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield — Brilliant Voltage Expansion Released
Zarude will also debut at Pokemon TCG in Sword & Shield—Vivid Voltage, the latest extension of Pokemon Company International. This set is now available at participating retailers around the world, including the Pokemon Center, the premier destination for official, high-quality Pokemon products in the United States and Canada.

Swords & Shields — Vivid Voltage is also a brand new Pokemon called Amazing Pokemon that features a vibrant rainbow background outside the frame, foil, etched details, and legendary or mythical Pokemon drawn with special rarity symbols. Introducing different types of cards. The full expansion includes 6 Amazing Pokemon. Six Pokemon VMAX, including Pikachu VMAX, Obeetle VMAX, and Core Rossal VMAX, are displayed in Gigantamax format. 11 Pokemon V and 13 full-art Pokemon V. More.

Source: Pokemon Company

Mythical Pokemon Zarude debuting in new Pokemon animated movie, Pokemon Trading Card Game Expansion, and video game distribution

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