MythicOcean is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

If you want to try it first, you can also use a free demo called Mythic Ocean: Prologue. Feel free to explore the vibrant ocean. Relax and have a deep and entertaining conversation with the cast of 6 different gods and sea creatures. The advice you give will constantly change your story, leading to thousands of possible consequences, ranging from harmony and havoc. Which god will go up? What kind of universe do they make? Discover the results of your choice. “… a world full of life, color, music, and meaning should stay with you for years to come.”-10/10 GameSpace “… nice, clever, entertaining, and deep. A complex game, no battles or deaths. Only choices and results. “-8/10 Buried Treasure” … Crossing the depths of the sea is calm and relaxing, and the game’s myriad of strange and wonderful creatures It’s always fun to meet. ”-8 / 10 GameSpew Developer Paralune“ Our players are also storytellers-we create stories that they can explore and shape, creating a unique experience for them. Mythic Ocean is not only a love letter to the beauty and power of the sea, but also a game about how you as a person have more influence than you can imagine. “-Robyn Haley, Darren Malley, Matt Smudz PUBLISHED BY Nakana. .io “We’re releasing a game that aims to provide a new experience. Jumping into the mythical sea feels like you’re in a state of meditation where you can build deep thoughts and bonds. -Michael Bourget, founder of the publishing label

Mythic Ocean Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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