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It’s been a while since I last heard about N1RV Ann-A. Sukeban Games has finally provided an update today, but fans may be disappointed to hear that the VA-11 Hall-A sequel has been postponed indefinitely.

In a blog post, developer Fernando Damas covered several factors. Damas initially retained the code despite the additional programmers, which increased development time, followed by internal conflicts with the resolved story, and the project “reset effectively in many ways.” it was done”.

The new release window will not be shared because there is still a lot of work to be done. The main announcement on that front is “probably not happening until the final stages of the project are reached.” On the bright side, Sukeban Games “uses more rigorous planning to increase transparency during development and enable regular updates to the status of the project.”

Many may have noticed that the planned release date for N1RV Ann-A is 2020, the end of 2020, and no announcement about that.

Well, the shortage is as follows. For the time being, we will change the release date of N1RV Ann-A indefinitely and begin shifting public push towards other projects. Production of the N1RV Ann-A will not stop or slow down, but for some time it will not be the focus of our main promotion.

Or for shorter versions: The release date of N1RV Ann-A is now WID (When It’s Done), and other projects coming earlier than N1RV Ann-A may be announced in the coming months. ..

Well, you can leave it as it is, but many people may have questions. Why is this happening? Did other projects cannibalize N1RVAnn-A? Is N1RV Ann-A on hold even though it says production will not stop?

Now let’s talk about it.

Let’s start with the most basic: why is this happening in the first place? After all, I showed a demo at the event and talked about what the game would be like.

The first reduction in delay applies head-on to my area. When N1RVAnn-A started production in 2017 as a framework for another irrelevant project that needed to process a lot of text, it was still being processed by Kiririn and I, so at VA-11 Hall I continued to work in the same way as. -Day. Over time, so many life-changing events have happened that I refused to forgive control of the code, but now I have extra programming to help with everything. As a result, I was terribly burned out, claiming to be the only programmer. As a result, progress was very slow at this stage.

How slow is it? When we finally forgave the control of the code to rebuild the game from scratch in early 2020, programmers were able to rebuild everything they had done so far with less than a month’s explanation. .. In another month he was able to add many of the missing features I outlined, but couldn’t code in a timely manner.

Now you may be wondering why we didn’t progress any faster. After all, if the framework was ready, I had to put the story in it. And the answer is a creative difference. I won’t go into detail here, but due to the situation, there was an internal conflict about how to proceed with the story. It took some time to resolve these issues, but the end result is a much better story version than I had imagined before.

At the time of writing this post, we have a clear idea of ​​what the plot is and how it should proceed, and we do not continue to do things like every day. We are taking steps to resume production in a more formal way. At VA-11 Hall-A, we did things when we came. More control means easier planning of your schedule. This is important if you want to achieve all the big things you want to do with the N1RV Ann-A inside and outside the game.

However, you may be wondering, “Why change the date to WID instead of specifying a definite date when you want to tighten the schedule?” The reason is that it has been effectively reset in many ways due to all these uprooting of the project. There is a lot to do before giving a public quote. Date announcements and all sorts of announcements about them probably won’t happen until the final stages of the project. However, instead of a complete radio prayer, we plan to use a stricter plan to increase transparency during development and allow regular updates to the status of the project. Only the release date will be private for a while.

The question that might come to mind is, “Wait, you mentioned other projects. Did they cannibalize the N1RV Ann-A?” Sukeban Games currently consists of at least 6 people and has sufficient resources to subcontract work as needed. One of the projects started at a time when the code was unrelenting, when N1RV Ann-A was effectively taken hostage and no progress was made outside of him. Please be busy.

Even if at least two side projects are in parallel, there is plenty of room for the N1RV Ann-A not to be compromised by lack of attention. I’m technically the headwriter and planner for this project, and I’m the only one on this project, so no resources will be diverted from N1RVAnn-A during this planning phase. When it’s time to move to another stage of development, you can focus your resources accordingly, depending on the current stage of each project. It is our greatest concern not to spread ourselves too thinly.

And personally, in recent months I’ve been learning how to regain my pace to get back to a stable and constant job, rather than relying on the duration of crunches and burnout. After all, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and this link needs to be paced.

This is where I apologize on behalf of the team, especially on my behalf. N1RV Ann-A’s work was a painful and complex beast that grew even more than the VA-11 Hall-A. I have made a personal journey of self-improvement during its production. I, the team, and the project say we’re in the best condition we’ve ever had, but no one is waiting for the time. With the end of 2020 stretch, the project is earlier than it should be.

This I can promise you, the next time you hear about N1RV Ann-A publicly and loudly, it will be unforgettable, and when the project is over, it’s worth the wait there is.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the game until then. Let’s make this a trip where everyone can see the way we are going.

N1RV Ann-A delayed

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