N7 Day 2020 Mass Effect Trilogy Voicecast Reunion

This weekend is the annual N7 Day celebration for Mass Effect fans, thanks to fan Q & A where many of the original trilogy voice casts reunited, according to a tweet from Commander Shepard himself. , This year seems to be something special. Jennifer Hale.

The reunion panel will take place online at 7 pm UK time on Saturday, November 7, with Jennifer Hale, Mark Meer (male Shepherd), Alix Wilton (Riala), Courtenay Taylor (Jack), Kimberly Brooks (Ashley) and Raphael Sbarge ( Kaiden), Keyth Farley (Thane), Steve Blum (Grunt), Alix Wilton Regan (Traynor), DC Douglas (Legion), William Salyers (Mordin), writer Patrick Weekes, editor Karin Weekes.

The panel is also teasing “probably some surprises”, so fans speculate whether the formal confirmation of the highly rumored Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which seems to be working at EA, will eventually be seen. I am. Although the remaster of the original trilogy was still officially announced, it was first rumored in the October release after being found on the list of stores before being pushed in 2021. Is certainly delayed more than a few times. If the EA is actually going to trigger it, Mass Effect Day seems to be the right place to announce it.

At least it’s not too long to find. If you would like to submit a burning question to the original cast to answer yourself during the panel reunion, you should do so at the following link.

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