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Rafael Nadal, who seems to have won everything in the sun, except for the end-of-season Nitto ATP Tour Championship at London’s O2, says his game isn’t perfect for high-speed hard courts. I admit.

From the beginning of my career, indoor surfaces have not been ideal surfaces for my tennis game Rafael Nadal

However, with 86 titles winning the 2005 Madrid indoor hard court, he is determined to improve his poor performance on the indoor court with the aim of winning the ATP Finals for the first time in his illustrious career. I will.

The Spaniards have been qualified for the Tour Finals every year since that day, retired only six times and participated in the ATP Finals at the end of each season from that year, but have been forced to withdraw six times. ..

Prior to this year’s tournament, on Friday he listed many things that didn’t help him reach his goals.

“You can find excuses and reasons, but after all, numbers are numbers,” Nadal said.

“I’m sure I played less indoors than elsewhere.”

Second seed, who won the French Open final last month and leveled up with Roger Federer in 20 Grand Slams, said his game was not ideal for high-speed courts.

“From the beginning of my career, the indoor surface wasn’t the ideal surface for my tennis game,” said 34-year-old Mallorca.

“I think I’ve played a little better in the last few years than when I started my tennis career indoors, but that’s a number and I can’t say anything different. I want to change that this week. “

Last week, Nadal advanced to the semi-finals at the Paris Masters and was beaten by Alexander Zverev.

The four games he played in Paris helped sharpen his game, but given the current limits of the coronavirus, whether it would lead to O2 being performed in a closed room, the audience. I didn’t know if it wasn’t there. ..

“It’s sad to be playing without an audience in this wonderful stadium,” he added. “It’s not perfect, but we can play tennis so we can’t complain at all. We’re very lucky.”

The Spaniards said their experience in the finals in the British capital was “one of the best” but supported the decision to move the tournament to Turin next year.

“I think tennis needs to keep moving,” he said. “At the same time, it’s unfair to finish the World Tour finals here without congestion in this situation, but that’s what’s happening in this world today.”

Nadal will launch an O2 campaign tomorrow when he will face Andrey Rublev in a session on Sunday evening.

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Nadal knows it will be difficult to be an O2 champion Nadal knows it will be difficult to be an O2 champion

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