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The situation remains the same for Nadine Mandiau, as many athletes bear the burden of Covid-19. LFA 97: A Belgian-born fighter in Brownevs. Estrázula is about to make a statement. Before fighting in the LFA, Mandiau (1-1) won the spot by defeating Melissa Cervantes in Combine 49: San Antonio. All of the turmoil that swirls around her career these days has made training consistency difficult. Mandiau also dealt with the respiratory syncytial virus before the battle came to fruition. Undoubtedly, after making some changes to her camp, Mandiau will finally shine in the cage. If her social media is any sign, the Belgian warrior is definitely at work. Evidence of her recovery has been posted on her Instagram story.

LFA 97: Recovery Update by Nadine Mandiau The staff asked Mandiau about camping and recovery. In response, the flyweight said:

“It’s going well! I’m off today and heading to Fight Week! Personally, I feel that cupping is the only thing that really ties. My muscles are so tight that I need to get more massage in my training. There are different types of cupping techniques. This was a type of suction. It’s not heat. “

A Belgian prospect also talked about her training system. First, she said that morning and evening training was the most effective for her. In addition, she talked about what was happening during those sessions. As Mandiau showed

“My days mix with BJJ, pad / striking, MMA, and finally strength & conditioning.”

In just 5 days, there is pressure created by both athletes Any Even the slightest advantageous movement. But there is one thing for sure. It’s the LFA 97. There are many crazy and violent battles between Brown and Estrazlas. As one of the first fight cards of the year, you won’t want to miss this action. UFC Fight Pass I’m coming on January 15th.

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Nadine Mandiau-LFA 97: Camp Renewal and Recovery Nadine Mandiau-LFA 97: Camp Renewal and Recovery

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