Nail Stack Tips, Tips, Strategy – See this Strategy Guide

Nail Stack is a game to get the longest nails possible. Swipe left or right to move along the path, gnawing on new extensions and avoiding spikes and saws along the way. It’s very simple, but if you’re not ready, you can run into difficult problems.

Therefore, we recommend that you create this guide. We’ve played a fair amount of nail stacks, and we’re pretty sure you’ll follow these strategies that will take your game to the next level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the nail art business or if you’ve grown them for a while, you’ll find something here that’s going to help you. So here are the best tips, tips and cheats for nail stacks for your perusal.

No need to attach new nails at the end

When you pick up new nails, you don’t have to pick them up at the ends of the nails you have already attached. You can insert them in the middle of the stack. This gives you more options for lengthening your finger trinkets.

Play carefully

It is advisable not to endanger your nails. It might be nice to get that paint or sticker, but is it worth losing your nail lumps to get it? Absolutely not. You need to focus on reaching the end of the level with the longest nails possible, and sometimes that means playing conservatively.

Looking ahead

Always be aware of obstacles on the horizon. This is especially important when the nails are long. This is because you need to move your finger to react before the nail actually reaches danger. Otherwise, you will face serious problems.

What is cash?

So far, cash doesn’t seem to actually do anything. That means it doesn’t make sense to watch a video to increase your haulage. Focus on reaching the end of the level and then don’t worry about seeing ads to get something for yourself.

Do I need to unlock new paints?

New paints bring aesthetic changes, but not much else. If you want to change the look of your nails, be sure to watch the video to unlock the new paint. If you don’t mind too much, don’t worry.

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Nail Stack Hints, Tips and Cheats – Check Out This Strategy Guide

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