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This year, to celebrate the launch of the long-awaited new technical rule set for F1, we will force the team to pursue a variety of aerodynamic concepts and manage the introduction of new 18-inch tires.

This provides an opportunity for all teams to make great strides. Ferrari in particular aims to return to the front line of the pack in two years without winning the race.

Due to the importance of the new ruleset this season, Ferrari suspended the development of the 2021 car early last year, despite a fierce battle with McLaren to take third place in the Constructors’ Championship.

Even if the upgrade cycle ended early, Ferrari was third with McLaren by 47.5 points. Charles Leclerc When Carlos Sainz Jr. Combined to win 5 podiums and 2 pole positions.

At the top of the standings, Mercedes and Red Bull found themselves involved in a close battle for last year’s championship, leading up to the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

However, Ferrari’s sporting director Laurent Mekeys expects a significant impact on this year’s outlook, despite the need for Mercedes and Red Bull to focus on 2021 cars due to the title battle. He said he wasn’t.

“I’m sure they had to develop this year,” Mekies said. “But in both cases it’s a great organization and it’s enough to see the results and see them.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF90 mule

Photo: Mark Sutton / Motorsport image

“Therefore, I wouldn’t underestimate their ability to produce a great 2022 car for a second.

“Yes, they had to spend more money in 2021, but looking at the results they have produced over the last decade, it has to be very naive to think that it can be easily closed. gap.

“After all, you still need to fill the gap. Even when we look at the number of cars in 2022 compared to where we are, when compared to where we are, If the X number is one tenth slower than these guys, then that gap and the gap to them.

“So I don’t worry too much about them.”

Ferrari has already promised that this year’s car will feature “many innovations” including power units that are “significantly different” from those used until 2021.

The team hasn’t challenged the championship since 2018, but the title drought dates back to 2008, when it last won the Constructors’ Crown.

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“Naive” who thinks it’s easy to close the gap between Red Bull and Mercedes F1 “Naive” who thinks it’s easy to close the gap between Red Bull and Mercedes F1

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