Nalin Talwar moves from couch potato to fitness freak!

Can you change your positive lifestyle in just three months? Is that possible? After finishing three months with our player GOQii, Nalin Talwar decided it was a good opportunity to share his experience. He faced some unfavorable experiences with hardware, but for most of them his overall experience was good. Read his experience in his own words.

Introducing Nalin Talwar

I’m 56 years old, but after spending three months at GOQii, I feel like I’m six years old again. That’s the transformation my GOQii coach and fellow players have brought to me. Bring a kid into me who is always ready to compete without fear or pressure from peers.

I served in the Indian Air Force for 23 years and retired in 2008. After retirement, I worked for many organizations in the private sector, and working for these private organizations gave me a monotonous and sedentary life. The same routine of getting up early, getting on the subway, arriving at the office by 9am, working (officially) until 6am, and going home six days a week on Sunday just completes the sleep deprivation backlog. was. Imagine being glued to your desktop and only your fingers being trained. That was me.

As a soldier myself, I have teamed up with an association working to improve retired Jawan. Again, I was caught up in the same web, lying in bed making posts and videos, and keeping up to date with government orders on pensions. .. I literally became a couch potato – my day started and ended in bed with my laptop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My waist was 43 inches and I weighed more than 90 kg, so it started to appear on my body, but I always thought it was 70 kg.

Towards the end of August, 40 days after joining GOQii, when I stood on the scale for the first time after intense exercise therapy and diet management (without diet) (I could not find the scale because of the pandemic) I had to buy it because I have a doctor) It was 79kg. My blood glucose levels on an empty stomach and PP were always at normal limits. Then I learned about the HBA1C test, which records quarterly levels, and was 6.5 in July 2020. When I checked the previous report, I had diabetes since 7.2 in 2016 and 6.3 in 2018. I have been a patient with primary hypertension since 1996, my cholesterol levels have been high since then, I was diagnosed with less than 3 Vit D3 in 2016, and my levels while taking calcium and Vit D3. Is getting better, but the usual limits. My VitB12 level is below the minimum required level. This sedentary lifestyle has brought more complications to my life, including not only weight gain and blood sugar levels, but also lethargy and unwillingness to escape. My life has been my laptop, mobile and other devices.

I was looking for a smart tracker rather than a fitness routine, but I was so interested in Info Tech Gizmo that I heard a lot about it so I’m smart to test and see how accurate it is I wanted to prepare a tracker. .. I decided to go to another tracker, but settled on GOQii Vital 3.

How difficult was it to talk to my coach?

When I bought the band and registered with GOQii, I started getting messages and calls from my coach or the better name Guru Deepali Sharma. I didn’t pick up the incoming call from GOQii for a couple of days, but the call from the coach didn’t stop and I had to pick it up last. It was the first phone call and many spider webs in my brain were removed, and today she can proudly say that she is my guru who turned my train into a railroad track.

Who else motivated me at the GOQii Arena?

My GOQii sister, Jhumi Bhattacharjee, said: “Have you seen Anil Kapoor? At the age of 60, he was doing weight training, as was Amitabh Bachchan. Age is not a limited age to start training.”

When Director Sunita Sharma said it was better to watch her strenuous exercise than to do with her, her reaction was “Hahaha 56 is not old, you can do it!” ..

Ruta Pandya states, “Yaha Coach bahut achhe hain, aapko jo online Coach kahe waisa karo, benefithoga”.

There are many lists of friends that have motivated me over the last three months on GOQii. I’ve said so much about myself, my coach, and the people who motivated me, so it’s time to count my blessings I’ve received in the last three months. You will be surprised, you might say I’m lying because one of them is chamatkar and I’m confused too.

What you achieved with GOQii

  1. In October 2020, my HBA1C level dropped to non-diabetic, or 4.7. So I’m sugar-free now, but I have to continue this exercise and diet to stay sugar-free.
  2. They were slightly higher because my cholesterol levels were high and I was taking medications to control them, and my cardiologist stopped my cholesterol medications.
  3. I walk very fast. Few people walk faster than I do on the 2KM walking circuit.
  4. I run 2KM at once every other day.
  5. I had a very bad sleep habit, and now I sleep about 6 hours at a stretch at night, and I rarely sleep during the day. I wake up fresh every day and am ready to go to the circuit soon.
  6. The recent Fit India Freedom Run was a very serious medical condition, but even after several rest requests from the coach (this was the only time she didn’t obey her orders), she went to the circuit every day. I went out and completed 30,000 steps in September 2020. I was standing in Noida first. Fiveth 134 in Uttar Pradesh and throughout India. I finished 3rd in the September and October challenges at the GOQii Arena.
  7. When I joined GOQii, my waist was 43 inches, but three months later it fell below 36 inches and my goal was 34 inches. I was over 90 years old, but now I’m 70kg and I’ve reached my target weight.
  8. Another miracle (Chamatkar) was that before joining GOQii, he had 90% gray hair on his head, a few gray hairs on top, and he was bald, but three months after this fitness regime. , Diet control is also included, jet-black hair has grown anew throughout the head and beard. The bald part is being covered.It’s a miracle

Now, I believe that when God wants things to happen, and participating in GOQii is a blessing from God to me. All contact with my guru in GOQii is done by the grace of the Almighty. If I weren’t at GOQii, I wouldn’t have met Gourdy Paris Sharma. I pay tribute to GOQii, who became the mediator between me and my guru.

In Hindi there is Doha of Kabir. I would like to mention this here. You can find out what my coach is to me.

गुरु गोविंद दोऊ खड़े, काकेलागूपाय.

बलिहारी गुरु आपनो, जिन गोविंद दियोबताय।.

Director Deepari Sharma changed me from a couch potato to someone who motivated people around me to wake up and take care of their bodies. This is the only one they really own and the rest are all transferable.

What must Director Deepari Sharma say about Narin Talwar’s journey?

“There is a way where there is a will” also applies to Narin Talwar. After connecting to the intro call, the journey began, but it’s still going on. He came up with the goal of losing weight and managing diabetes. And, as you read above, his weight, diabetes, and sugar levels are in full control, so he achieved his goal with flying colors.

He used to experience digestive problems, lethargy, and increased heart rate, but is now very active, averaging 20k counts and doing small runs within normal heart rate. I am. No more digestive problems. The muscles of the thighs and calves are tightened and you can clearly feel their strength. Credit goes to his hard work. The best thing was that he started to have black hair on his head. This was also a happy moment for us.

We started by balancing all our diets. We worked on healthy snacks, good fiber, adding protein, and reducing carbs. Pre- and post-exercise diets played a very important role in increasing his endurance and stamina. We started by walking and then gradually added strength training according to his comfort. His honesty with healthy habits made this possible. He did a great job throughout the trip, and he knows that health is the best investment!

I hope this story motivates you to make positive lifestyle changes! See Healthy Reads for a more exciting story. To join the GOQii preventive medicine ecosystem, visit our website now.


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