NARAKA: BLADE POINT is now available on PC and Xbox Series X | S (Game Pass)

Ultimate Edition includes: -Base Game -Hero: Yoto Hime -Matari Exclusive Outfit [Flawless Elegance]-Dedicated grappling hook [Aroma]-Dedicated spear skin [White Viper]-Immortal Treasure * 10-Digital Soundtrack-DigitalArtBooklet * You will receive Immortal Treasure * 10 2 hours after the game starts. * In-game exclusive items are not available * To get digital artwork and soundtracks, go to and sign in with your Xbox Live account Please make a request. my account. NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a 60-person PVP myth with martial arts-inspired melee combat, gravitational mobility, a vast array of melee and ranged weapons, and a legendary customizable hero with spectacular abilities. It’s an action combat experience. BATTLE REIMAGINED The first of a movement-based, mythical multiplayer action combat experience focused on melee attacks. Agile Sword Play A poetic and violent close-quarters battle where swords and greatswords, bows and muskets, hero skills, and ultimates collide in brutal player battles. Traveling beyond limits Whether you’re crossing the highest mountains or firing at unprotected enemies, use grappling hooks to move lightning fast. UNTOLD POWER Customize and master the growing roster of legendary heroes, each infusing their own skills, ultimate and deadly playstyles. Explore the mysterious and breathtaking battlefields of the war-torn Mors in an impressive aesthetic inspired by the legends and history of the KINGDOM IN RUINS Far East. Improve your playstyle in an ever-evolving multiplayer battlefield, from adaptation or die 1v1 duels, arena brawls, to 60-player battles against unique skies. The game includes optional in-game purchases of virtual items, including a random selection of virtual in-game cosmetics. See drop rate here:

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