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National Express will suspend service: 3 alternatives for mandatory travel

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Many UK shipping companies have abolished or significantly reduced their schedules in the light of the third National blockade.. Among them is National Express, a major coach operator who has shut down its coach service network since midnight on Sunday, January 10. So what does this mean for people who still need to travel for essential reasons? What are your options? Let’s take a look.

Why is National Express out of service?

According to the company, Covid’s regulations have become stricter and the number of passengers has decreased, so the decision has been made to suspend the service. However, all journeys prior to Monday, January 11th will be completed to prevent passengers on important journeys from getting stuck.

If your travel reservation is canceled, we will contact you and provide you with a free correction or refund. According to the company, the service is scheduled to resume by early March.

National Express isn’t the only one out of coaching service. Megabass also states that it will be out of service after Sunday, January 10.

What are the current rules for travel?

Current blockade regulations prohibit all non-mandatory trips.You can only leave home or travel Essential reason, Including:

  • Work when you can’t do that from home
  • Access education and fulfill compassionate responsibilities
  • Go to the hospital, see a doctor, or see a doctor
  • Buy essentials and use essentials
  • Find veterinary services
  • motion

What are the essential travel alternatives today?

National Express may be out of service, but there are other options to help you reach your destination.


Despite the fact that some open access train operators like Grand Central And Hull Trains Has suspended service, but National Rail is still up and running. For the latest details about running services, National Rail website..

There are plans to cut services in half in the near future, but don’t worry. Given that most people now work from home, demand is low. The rest of the service may be sufficient to accommodate everyone traveling for essential reasons.


Most airlines have reduced domestic services and canceled holiday-related reservations, but some airlines continue to operate a small number of domestic flights to accommodate those who need to travel for essential reasons. To do.

Low-cost carrier easyJet has announced that it will continue to operate between several cities in the United Kingdom.

British Airways shows the same. A spokesman for the company said their focus was “keeping important air links open-transporting important goods so that those who are allowed to travel can continue to do so safely.” Said that.

If you need to make an essential journey, the best thing you can do is visit the airline’s website or contact us directly about available flights.

Taxi or private car rental

Taxi and private car rental companies can continue to operate during the blockade. They are definitely options worth considering. They involve contact with as few people as possible and can prove to be safer than all other options.

If you are traveling by taxi or private car, with the advice of a driver who may have taken additional steps, Government Covid Guidelines This includes:

  • Cover your face and be careful of the surface you touch
  • Keep social distances where possible (eg, sit in the left backseat of a taxi when traveling alone)
  • use Contactless payment Pay online in advance if possible
  • Disinfect hands or wash for at least 20 seconds after the trip

The last word

The suspension of National Express coaching services is not a surprising result of the new blockade. Fortunately, if you need to travel for essential reasons, there are alternatives to getting you where you need it.

Regardless of which option you choose, be safe and always follow the rules.

What’s next?

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National Express will suspend service: 3 alternatives for mandatory travel National Express will suspend service: 3 alternatives for mandatory travel

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