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National regulators solicit comments on new safety strategies

Heavy Vehicle Safety Strategy 2021-2025 is open for consultation

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The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) seeks industry opinion on the draft Heavy Vehicle Safety Strategy (HVSS) 2021-2025.

Half a decade of HVSS demonstrates NHVR’s strategic ambition to improve heavy vehicle safety results and help reduce the number of collisions, deaths, and serious injuries associated with heavy vehicles.

NHVR Safety Director Greg Phil states that the strategy developed in line with the Federal Draft National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030 will be receiving feedback until April 30.

“The safety strategy is supported by an annual action plan that outlines the activities, responsibilities, and delivery timeframes that NHVR will carry out over the next five years,” says Phil.

“This informs NHVR’s strategic approach to partnerships, brings about positive changes in personal behavior and industry culture, and promotes the latest, safer heavy vehicles that reduce the potential and impact of collisions. It’s an opportunity to promote. “

Learn why NHVR is focusing on testing fatigue technology frameworks

According to the data released by Infrastructure and Transport Research and Economy Bureau (BITRE), the annual death toll on roads associated with heavy vehicles is on the decline, down 2.5% over the last decade.

“We have too many deaths on our roads and we hope that they will continue to decline over the next decade,” Fill says.

I will explain the strategy.

  • The role of human factors in the safety of large vehicles
  • The connection between human behavior and organizational culture
  • How NHVR Changes Behavior and Culture
  • Providing visible, targeted compliance activities
  • Affects the behavior of other road users around large vehicles
  • Increasing adoption of safer vehicles and safety technologies
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Secure network design
  • Number and quality of rest areas
  • Safe use of large vehicles on the road

The strategy is available and subsequent submissions can be made here.

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National regulators solicit comments on new safety strategies National regulators solicit comments on new safety strategies

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