Naughty Dog Employment Monetization Designer for Multiplayer Games

Naughty Dog used to play multiplayer games in the past, but now it looks like the acclaimed studios are digging deeper into the online realm.Recent Jobs from unknown When Last of us The developers say they are adopting “the first standalone multiplayer game”. These posts have rounded in the last few months, but the latest position strongly suggests that the game has microtransactions.

NS LinkedIn post The problem is for monetization designers who “build an incredibly player-friendly economy” from scratch.This is a little different from that ad Reported to This new one includes “monetization”, so in March. There’s a lot of potential annoyance when it comes to player psychology and “increasing revenue,” but Naughty Dog seems to recognize the reputation of in-game purchases.

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It comes up many times, so I always emphasize that it’s player-friendly. It is clearly summarized in the section that requires candidates to “increase revenue and conversions while maintaining a strong player-first value system.” At the bottom of the list, it’s clear that Naughty Dog is looking for someone with deep insight into “non-destructive” monetization. This person has worked with many departments to create a “sustainable monetization system in line with the vision of the game” and “overall monetization” where players respect their experience and continue to play with their money. Create a “strategy”.

Microtransactions aren’t mentioned, but given the language used throughout, it’s almost certain that this multiplayer title will include microtransactions. Microtransactions are displayed in other Naughty Dog games in a variety of ways, in addition to premium and gameplay-related maps and a standard array of modes. Last of us‘Cases, guns, emotes, perks, and executions. Uncharted 2 Featured multiplayer skin. Unknown 3 Allowed players to purchase past level caps after playing for free. Last of us We featured a set of cosmetics on the PlayStation Store. Uncharted 4 When Lost heritage There was the most classic version of microtransactions because players can spend real money on the cryptocurrencies used to buy items in the game store.

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Naughty Dog also seems to be planning a roadmap for the game. It requires someone who “maximizes post-launch / live campaign and content efforts” that sounds like many modern multiplayer games. NS Another list The roadmap for this game may not be limited to competitive play with other humans, as it also strongly suggests cooperation factors and certain PvPvE modes for AI programmers.

The job listing doesn’t say what the mystery game is, but all the signs show that it’s relevant. Last of us..The first game shipped in a surprisingly popular mode, which was even more shocking when Naughty Dog said. Last of Us Part II It will be an exclusive single player adventure. In the tweet above almost two years ago, the studio states that this online mode isn’t part of the sequel and will show more “when ready.”

It’s not clear what this multiplayer game will look like because of the many possibilities. This can be a free-to-play multiplayer game (a model that helps justify microtransactions) or a premium standalone game. NS Bloomberg The April report also stated that Sony was remaking the first game in the series. This online game may match this remake. Whether it’s a remake on its own or some kind of comprehensive remake. Last of us A bundle that includes an extended version of PlayStation 5 for the entire series.The wording on the list means that if so, it will take Ghost of Tsushima: Legend It will be different from the route. Details haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s clear that Naughty Dog is expanding into unknown territory in its next online game.

Naughty Dog Employment Monetization Designer for Multiplayer Games

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