Naughty Dog working on several new games suggests the Last Of Us coach

The Last Of Us Part 2 – What is Naughty Dog currently working on? (Photo: Sony)

The makers of Uncharted and The Last Of Us Part 2 have “some cool things” they’re currently working on, but they’re asking their fans for patience.

Becoming a game developer on Twitter is not so much fun. Even if the murder threat hasn’t been sent, there’s always a flood of questions about when the next game will be released, especially for Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann.

“Tweet me and ask about future projects, I can’t say anything … wait a minute. We have some cool stuff that we can’t wait to share with you I’ll do it as soon as possible! “said the director of The Last Of Us Part 2.

Not surprisingly, no one stopped it. Many thought this seemed the opposite, but in fact it suggested that the announcement was imminent.

Comments on “some cool things” reveal that Naughty Dog currently suggests that multiple projects are underway, even though they usually only create one game at a time. ..

However, it’s relatively easy to guess what Dragman is referring to. He has already stated that the multiplayer mode based on The Last Of Us Part 2 will be released in the future after being decoupled from the original release.Is Gameplay footage has already been leaked.

It’s unclear if he means a standalone game or an extension of the current game, but given that the current version has only minor enhancements to Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5 has been remastered. It could be something like. It leaked.

The remastered version of the original The Last Of Us was an early major release of PlayStation 4, and it’s certainly doubtful that nothing was said about the sequel equivalent.

Druckmman may have also been thinking about HBO’s The Last Of Us TV show. This is where he is closely involved, even if not everyone else at Naughty Dog.

And of course, the studio’s next big project is anything. Druckmann has previously shown that it’s either The Last Of Us Part 3 or the new IP, not the new Uncharted game.

Plans change, but in January the company began hiring many new positions. This means that development has begun in earnest. There wasn’t yet a clue as to what the game was, but in the past, Naughty Dog was okay with announcing a new game years before its actual release.

However, Naughty Dog has also been criticized for its working conditions and reliance on “crunches” to complete the game, which could be slowed down in future projects. there is.

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Naughty Dog working on multiple new games hints The Last Of Us director

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