NBA 2K League Announces Winter Cla $ h, Chip Off $ 35,000 Prize Pool on Friday

The NBA 2K League has announced “Winter Cla $ h”. This is a three-part online tournament with NBA G League Ignite players, social media influencers, and a team of fan organizations competing with NBA 2K League players for a $ 35,000 share. Prize pool.

Fans can sign up for the event in the NBA 2K League this week. The event will be live streamed on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

In the three tournament stages, a team of influencers, NBA G League ignite players, and NBA 2K League players will be joined by Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd (Mavs Gaming), Dayvon “GOOFY 7 5 7” Curry (Blazer5 Gaming) and 2 People’s influencers will be announced in the coming days. On Wednesday, December 2nd, the NBA 2K League Twitch channel “BFW Live Presented by Bud Light” will feature a special NBA 2K League Winter Club $ h episode, with each captain duo having three NBA 2K league players and three additional influencers. Draft. Or an NBAG League Ignite player who earns duo points during the tournament. At the end of the tournament, the influencer captain belonging to the captain duo who scored the most points for the draft player will receive $ 7,000 and the runner-up influencer captain will receive $ 5,000.

The first stage will end on Friday, December 4th with a 5-5 NBA 2K21 Pro-Am match. The team includes Captain Duo, Influencers and NBAG League Ignite Players.

The second stage begins Monday, December 7th to Tuesday, December 8th, with a team of eight fan organizations participating in each of the two different console brackets, competing 2 to 2 in the NBA 2K21 My Park game mode. I will. .. On Friday, December 11th, the winning and runner-up teams of each fan bracket will advance to the main brackets of the eight teams played on their respective consoles, where they will face the NBA G League ignite players and the NBA 2K League team. I will. Players and influencers.

The third and final stage will take place on Friday, December 18th, with a 5v5 NBA 2K21 Pro-Am match. Each team will feature a captain duo and three NBA 2K league players.

All games in each stage of the NBA 2K League Winter Club $ h are played in the best three formats.

A current list of NBA 2K League Winter Club $ h participants can be found here. A complete list of participants and a complete game schedule will be announced in the coming days.

The total prize pool for the NBA 2K League Winter Club $ h is $ 35,000. The breakdown of the prizes is as follows.

  • $ 16,000 ($ 5,000, $ 2,000, $ 500) available in the second stage of the main bracket tournament will be awarded to, 2nd And 3rd/ Fourth Place each on each console)
  • $ 12,000 available to influencer captains based on points accumulated in 3 stages ($ 7,000 and $ 5,000 will be awarded to the winning influencer captain and the runner-up influencer captain, respectively)
  • $ 5,000 awarded to the winning team in the 5v5Pro-Am influencer game
  • The winner of each fan bracket will be awarded $ 1,000 in the second stage of the tournament

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