NBA 2K21 Exchanges Neighborhood for The City on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5

2K Games has announced The City, a new My Player hub awaiting the next generation of players. NBA 2K21 When it goes on sale next week.

Billed as a “modern metropolis,” the new map is many times larger than the previous Neighbor Hoods of previous NBA 2K games and includes four different provinces managed by teams like four factions. North Side Knights, South City Vipers, Beasts of the East, Western Wilddcats. However, you will need to prove yourself in the “Rookie Building” district using another new MyPlayer before it can be released.

Each team’s area has its own court and general atmosphere, as well as its own warehouse court. In the heart of the city is an event center that offers competitions and events within the team to prove that your faction is the best. With the introduction of quests and the resurgence of the Gatorade Training Facility, you will have the opportunity to improve your My Player status through training.

Of course, there are many stores where you can buy apparel for characters, and thanks to the resident DJ, music and events are also held. For more information on the City MyPlayer hub, see the trailer below and the latest Courtside Report post on the NBA 2K official website.

NBA 2K21 The Xbox Series X | S will be available on November 10th. PlayStation 5 will be released on November 19th.

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