NBA 2K21 introduces the city of next-generation consoles-this is literally a steroid park and neighborhood-affiliation is back

2K has provided the NBA 2K21 Next Generation Gameplay Trailer along with Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the Next Generation Gameplay Blog. He then gave us more details on the WNBA MyPLAYER experience, including the fully customizable WNBA franchise mode and online leagues.

Today it’s all about cities. Steroid park and neighborhood.

Erick Boenisch, Executive Producer of Visual Concepts, is back again to provide all the details for the latest Courtside Report.

It’s been about a week since the release of NBA 2K21 for the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S platforms. I can’t believe it’s basically here anymore! As I mentioned in my last Courtside Report, this year was incredibly unique for many friends across the video gaming industry and for all of us here at VC. Standing in this position to launch a whole new generation of NBA 2K games demonstrates the team’s uncontrollable efforts and dedication to making the NBA 2K21 the best possible experience, along with the launch of the next-generation console. I will. A big thank you to the entire Visual Concepts team!

So far, these courtside reports have described all the innovations that will bring next-generation gameplay and player animation, collisions, AI behavior, and more. Graphics … We have all seen graphics! We’ve also introduced a whole new WNBA experience (W, W Online, MyWNBA) that brings the long-awaited gameplay mode to NBA 2K’s women’s games. And now, definitely already a trailer, the team here at Visual Concepts is very proud … The City!

But first, a little history.

We introduced “The Park” when we created NBA 2K14 for the new next-generation game consoles of the time. The vision was to create a competitive online basketball environment that would allow the fast-growing community of NBA 2K fans to compete with each other outside the real NBA experience. This meant allowing NBA 2K players to use their custom MyPLAYER to take them to a whole new place where they could compete with friends and complete strangers. A version of Park playing pickup basketball and participating in its unique and competitive atmosphere, much like walking to an outdoor court to run a half-court game or waiting for 5 seconds at a local REC center. was.

Over the last seven years, it has evolved and expanded with features that enrich the online experience everywhere. As the NBA 2K community itself thrived, the park experience quickly grew into a neighbor hood. This has been the most popular feature for many years. We are very proud of what we have built up in the past and are amazed every day by the competition and creativity that our fans show in our world.

With that in mind, I’m proud to welcome you first …


This is a city that you can see at a glance. Imagine a map that is many times larger than your previous neighborhood. Designed to resemble a modern metropolis, with towering skyscrapers, vast squares and city centre. Oh, it houses four different autonomous regions managed by four rival affiliations. And so I’m incredibly proud to announce that my affiliation is back! The details of affiliation are explained in a little more detail below. For now, let’s continue to draw a picture of what the city really is.

Citi is the most ambitious run of the virtual basketball community … ever. The sheer volume and variety of buildings and basketball courts we were able to create and map still amazes me!

Let’s take a look at The City’s core components and their capabilities.

  • Rookie building -Rookie Building docks are right next to the waterfront on the south side of the city. Rookie Building sounds exactly like that. This is where the NBA 2K21 City journey begins. MyPLAYER trying to dive into the city and everything it offers must first prove their skills among other rookie MyPLAYERs in this isolated basketball court cluster. When you meet the action you need in Rookie Building, the city gate opens in front of you. Find what’s waiting for you on the other side …
  • Autonomous region– As mentioned above, the affiliation will make the long-awaited return in NBA 2K21. Each has its own space in the north, south, east and west sections of the city, which are called autonomous regions. Each autonomous region has its own atmosphere and collection of basketball courts, adorned with the Affiliation logo and colors. In addition, each affiliation area has its own warehouse basketball court with a new MyPLAYER progression feature awaiting. This is explained in detail below.
  • Event center -The center of the city is a brand new event center that shines like a bright beacon from any district. Equally bright and shiny, many different interiors of this futuristic monolith are lined with dynamic LED screens on the floor and walls of the court and lighting elements that change the tone and mood of the setting. All new and repeater events will be held within the Event Center, and special in-affiliation contests will also be held here.
  • Garage hoop -Exploration is an important part of experiencing the city. Scattered around the city, there are basketball hoops on the sides of some buildings. If you look closely. If you happen to see it, pull out the basketball and shoot the hoop. When you see other players passing by and you are shooting, they can step on the court and shoot with you. From there, you have the option to launch 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, HORSE, and many other game types quickly and seamlessly. Its simplicity is its advantage. Also, as an additional bonus, there is a big VC multiplier that you can earn on these courts every day in the first 5 games! This is a great place to start your day when warming up for the main event in your court.
  • People in the city -Continuing the exploration theme, scattered throughout the city are NPCs that give exploration / purpose. If you’ve played RPG experiences before, it’s okay to find them. They will be people with colored exclamation marks overhead. Every 4-6 weeks, new quests / objectives are added to the People of the City, allowing you to do new things all year round.
    • Generally speaking, the quest has two lines. The first is a series of single-player 3v3 games challenged in warehouses in each court area. Some of these can be quite difficult as they confront some of the best players to lace basketball shoes. The inside of the warehouse is actually very cool. Smart players who enjoyed the NBA 2K20 Neighborhood will appreciate their throwback efforts within them! In a series of other quests, you can encourage them to go out to The City and play the game, and get rewarded for doing so. Such a simple. Completing all quests will give you unique clothing / accessories that are not sold in stores. Get out there and hit the ball, my friend!
  • Gatorade training facility -MyPLAYER’s fitness training mecca literally transforms into multiple levels. The facility has now been expanded to the second floor, which is lined with regular training equipment to help MyPLAYER enhance its capabilities. On the second floor is the rental court, a great new feature of The City. Want to continue playing the game uninterrupted with your friends and other ballers you just met? Rent a court at the Gatorade Training Facility and play the game as you like!
  • Special court – The city has two full size coats (one 4v4 and one 5v5). These are non-affiliated courts created by our team in honor of two things we are very passionate about. One of these courts was built to commemorate the late Kobe Bryant. The surface is beautifully textured with Kobe’s distinctive snakeskin design, and his numbers 8 and 24 show off-limits areas at both ends of the court. And overlooking the site is a huge mural painting of the iconic Kobe moment. He stood proudly at the scorer’s table, celebrating his fifth NBA Championship. I know you are drawing poses.
    • What you are thinking is correct. And it’s immortal here in The City, NBA 2K21. Celebrate the Lakers and Kobe fandom, so you can find me playing here!
  • Fireball – Citi’s Holding Court brings a prestigious atmosphere in the next-generation version of NBA 2K21. Occasionally, you’ll see fireballs being used on the court … yes, the ball is literally on fire! If a team wins 10 games in a row on the Affiliation Court, the ball used in the game will immediately ignite and remain lit until they lose. Expect a crowd to gather around your coat when this happens! You already know that anyone looking at the fireball will be like Bat-Signal for the best ballers to start side by side to defeat your reign. Challenge extension!
  • Pink diamond plaza -One of my favorite basketball court designs in the next generation version of NBA 2K21 is above the Pink Diamond Plaza in the heart of the city. Pink Diamond Plaza hosts the entire MyTEAM Triple Threat Online experience with fluorescently lit and orchestrated music by a resident DJ. Look at it and get ready to impress!
  • Apparel store – Your favorite stores in the old neighborhood are back, but the city is built with a wider range of apparel locations to express your style. Some of the closest brand partners will receive a dedicated space within the shop’s plaza. Nike, Jordan Brand, Adidas, Under Armor, Puma and all your favorites are in the city. For me, two of my favorite new stores are Alter Ego and Drip Brothers. You can get some fun items with those two! Keep an eye out for all the new self-expression items that will be available after launch!


The city is big. However, the return of an affiliation can be as large, if not large. One of the most requested features of the NBA 2K community over the last few years has been affiliation-based gameplay. Not surprisingly, we are very excited to revive it in a meaningful way that provides the city with a competitive depth. This is something we’ve wanted to do for years, and the power of next-generation consoles finally gives us the opportunity to see through our vision.

Let’s start with the basics. The city has four affiliations.

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