NBA 2K21 Patch Arrives on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5-Patch Notes

The first game update for the Xbox Series X | S NBA 2K21 has arrived and will soon be available on the PlayStation 5, but no date has been announced. This post will be updated as soon as it arrives.

update: The patch is now available on PlayStation 5.

This patch features player portrait updates, performance improvements in The City, and sophisticated changes and fixes across MyCAREER and other modes.

Check out the patch notes below.

  • Improved face scanning for both men and women using the MyNBA2K mobile app
  • Multiple improvements to the created player’s hair, headbands, hats and other accessories
  • Official sponsor logos have been added to the San Antonio Spurs uniform (these have official announcement dates by the NBA and will be updated as permitted)
  • The following player / coach portraits have been updated.
    • Paul George
    • Andrew Wiggins
    • Nikola Jokić
    • Jordan Clarkson
    • Nas Raid
    • Stephon Marbury
    • Dwight Howard
    • Frank Vogel
    • Dejon Temmary
    • Robert Williams
    • Theo Pinson
    • Ky Bowman
    • Jeff Hornacek
    • Daequan Cook
    • Sam perkins
    • Jerome Kersey
    • Buck Williams
    • Luc Longley
    • Nate Björkren
    • Asante Manson
  • Increased fidelity of Jumbotron at the Houston Rockets Arena
  • Addressed stability issues reported on 2KTV


  • Enabled coach settings, system proficiency, play assignments, and CPU / user slider menus in the QuickPlay game pause menu
  • Fixed the orientation of the defending player in certain block animations
  • Improving coaching staff behavior towards the arena tunnel in certain classic team arenas
  • Improved spacing and behavior for both players and coaches in huddle situations
  • Fixed an issue with certain jump ball configurations that were not properly centered on the court
  • Fixed a rare issue where incorrect replays were displayed during the official review of charging fouls
  • Changed camera angle to prevent coaches and players from clipping during certain timeout sequences
  • Improved player picking up the ball in inbound play


  • Improved performance during City gameplay, with a focus on reports from the community.Future optimization
  • New Black Lives Matter masks are now available in Swags
  • Fixed an issue with Jump Shot Creator where release speeds were not saved correctly when trying to edit previously created shots
  • Faster loading time when accepting invitations to the city from different areas of the game
  • Garage Hoop and Gatorade Rental Court Improved game stability
  • Win Streaks now properly tracks at the end of the City game
  • Addressed various camera warpage / clipping issues when riding near buildings and other objects while in some vehicles in the city
  • When accessed from the team practice facility, the camera now works properly with all drills in the Gatorade training facility.
  • The game no longer hangs after purchasing a boost and immediately entering another store


  • Fixed a hang when trying to enter a private workout leading to a draft.You will be able to continue saving if you had this problem before
  • Commentary no longer drops out during occasional stretches or after timeouts in the MyCAREER playoff game
  • Empty social media messages will no longer appear in the landing menu in the draft part of Long shadow
  • Court accessories will no longer appear in certain recommended images
  • VC balances are no longer delayed when collecting revenue in the approval menu
  • Fixed a rare soft hang in live practice on the summary screen when all badges have reached the limit
  • You can now correctly complete the game goals of the college part of the story related to blocks
  • Addressed an issue where attribute prices could appear as negative numbers


  • We have made many improvements to make the start of the W online experience smoother.
  • Addressed a disconnection that could occur at the end of a W online game if a tier upgrade was earned during gameplay
  • Fixed a rare hang when trying to edit the appearance of MyPLAYER


  • Resolved an issue when downloading user-created extension teams during the creation flow
  • Addressed some rare stability issues when loading to MyNBA online save files
  • Fixed MyNBA hang when simulating multiple games via Simcast with a season length of 14 games
  • Fixed a hang that occurs when using certain custom league settings in MyNBA
  • Several other stability improvements and changes to improve the overall experience

My team

  • The overall rating of the My PLAYER card will be correct
  • Disable play call in triple threat mode.This caused various problems
  • Several other stability improvements and changes to improve the overall experience

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