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The All-Star Break is mostly in the NBA, with the Rising Stars list just released and a few rookies taking the lead. In the last few weeks, the two players have been significantly separated, with a few players in the first year affecting the winning team. Let’s see how the newcomer’s ladder has changed in the last two weeks.

1. LaMelo Ball, Charlotte Hornets (Before: 1)

February was kind to this month’s Eastern Conference Rookie. The rookie has risen to another level of NBA stardom in his first season alone.Rookie Average 20.1 points per game, 6.7 assists, 6.2 rebounds, 1.7 steals During that span.Since then Last update of basketball insider On the rookie ladder, the ball stretched over five 20-point games, including a 30-point show against the Portland Trail Blazers and a 24-point, 12-assist game in Charlotte’s wild victory over Sacramento Kings. It was.

One of the concerns when the ball entered the league was the ability to knock down jump shots at an effective speed. The 6-foot, 6-point guard shattered these concerns in recent play, knocking down 40.7% of downtown attempts with just under seven times per game.

When Charlotte broke up with Kemba Walker in the summer of 2019, it was easy to imagine that the Hornets would be piled up in a point guard position in just two years. But with Ball and Terry Rozier, the Hornets are seeing legitimate shots in the postseason.

2. Tyrese Haliburton, Sacramento Kings (previous: 2)

Together with the ball, Halliburton consolidates this rookie of the year race as a two-party contest. Every week, it’s hard to avoid giving Halliburton the best nods. Iowa State University rookie has complete control over the Kings bench.He missed the last three games of Sacramento, but Halliburton Average 17.4 points per game, 6 assists, 2.4 steals I shot a very impressive 47.9 / 39.4 / 85.7 line in 5 games in the last 2 weeks.

Halliburton’s excellence goes beyond his score. When Halliburton is on, King gets 1.5 points better Floor (Yuka. In addition, the 6’5 guard boasts an assist rate. 24.6, which ranks the 97th percentile of all NBA players and uses 1.33 assist clips, Ranked in the 100th percentile.

Kings must be content with their young core, despite their records, especially as Halliburton has won the Rookie of the Month honor and Rising Star roster spot at the Western Conference. ..

3. Immanuel Quickley, New York Knicks (previous: 5)

Before the season, no one expected Knicks to be the fifth seed at the midpoint of the season. Veteran play improvements by Tom Thibodeau head coach and all-star Julius Randle have helped the franchise turn around. However, no player is as synonymous with the spark of that energy as Quickly.

Since the last ladder update Quickly averages 13.5 points with an amazing 48.4% clip from the depths.. Quickly’s playtime was in the air when the team acquired Derrick Rose, but the rookie’s resilience and determination left him in the lineup as he continued to exceed expectations.

4. Saddiq Bey, Detroit Pistons (previous: 6)

The placement of the bays here should represent the overall great work that Detroit Pistons has done in every young piece.Bay is clearly playing great —I’ll talk more about that later — but other drafts, Isaiah Stewart and Saben Lee, are also playing astoundingly. Second, Josh Jackson (an average of 13.5 points per game) and the just-acquired Dennis Smith Jr. have revived with a triple-double in an explosive victory.

But in a year when many thought it would be disposable for Pistons, especially with Killian Hayes being chosen seventh, Bay and the rest of the young corps stepped up with Jerami Grant and the company and were thrilled. We delivered a great basketball to Detroit.

In the last two weeks Bay averages 11.7 points and 5 rebounds per game In less than eight trials per game, I shot an impressive 37% from the depths. With a successful haze, the 2020 NBA Draft is becoming a turning point for the Pistons.

5. Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves (previous: 3)

If Edwards could hit a shot even with a 45% clip, he would definitely escape with all the rookie scoring titles and perhaps the Rookie of the Year award itself.But like Edwards, it remains an obstacle In the last two weeks, he has shot 32.8% and 3 to 25.4% of horrific shots from the field...

It’s a shame that the shooting is very inconsistent as he has put together a string of four 19 or more points and some highlight reel play per game contest over the last two weeks.

The last two weeks have caused a lot of confusion for the Timberwolves. The team experienced a change of head coach and brought Chris Finch from the Toronto Raptors in place of Ryan Saunders. But that’s not all. Ricky Rubio recently complained about the team’s performance D’Angelo Russell and Malik Beasley continue to play.

It’s hard to imagine a newcomer with a lot of success in every drama that surrounds Minnesota. The fact that Edwards can put together these high-scoring performances demonstrates how special he is.

6. Jae’Sean Tate, Houston Rockets (previous: 4)

Tate’s court production has fallen slightly in connection with the Houston Rockets’ losing streak, but the Hyper Athletic Forward still gives him everything every night. It’s just the fact that the team says goodbye to DeMarcus Cousins, proving that Houston believes in Tate as a future member.

Houston plays better when Tate is on the floor, Every time you clean the glass. And Along with that, activated energy comes from every point on the court. When Tate is on, the team’s aggressive rebound rate increases by 8.1%. It ranks in the 98th percentile of the entire NBA.

Despite the rocket’s downturn Tate is 47.9% of the shots from the field, averaging 9.8 points and 6.2 rebounds per game... Most recently, James Harden enjoyed double-double when he returned to Houston.

Honorable Mention: Isaac Okoro, Cleveland Cavaliers (no ranking)

Okoro nods his first rookie ladder after the Cleveland Cavaliers see a great stretch that the team has won four games in a row. During that period Average 10.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, 1.3 steals While watching the best shooting numbers of the season, 49.1% from the floor and 3 to 41.4%.

The 6-foot-5 forward from Auburn started in every game of the Cavs, playing the rookie’s second-most share and a promising start to Okoro’s career. Okoro also has strong defenses for the Cleveland team, who are in desperate need of a good defender, and his inventory could grow over the course of a few weeks.

Numerous highlight reels have been dunked, passed and played in the last two weeks, and a few rookies have made a big impact on the team in a year when young depth is important. Don’t sleep in James Wiseman to make a comeback while the ball and Halliburton are currently leading the race. He scored 14, 11 and 16 points. Respectively, In his first three games after returning from injury. Check with your basketball insider for the next rookie ladder to see how fierce this competition will be.

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NBA Daily: Three Teams That Don’t Meet Expectations | Basketball Insiders NBA Daily: Three Teams That Don’t Meet Expectations | Basketball Insiders

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