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Like all current teams, Phoenix Suns is now 2021-22 NBA seasonBefore the first day of school, a lot of dazzling children’s opening nights. But even during this “tranquility before the storm,” the circle of debate and debate has already begun to rotate.

yesterday, Announces Results From a poll that asked all NBA general managers about their forecasts for the coming season and asked them to rank different players in their respective positions. Some highlights include 72.0% of the NBA GMs who chose Brooklyn Nets to win the 2022 NBA Finals and 43.0% of the NBA GMs who chose Luka Doncic as the ideal player to start today’s franchise. Was included.

However, when asked specifically about shooting guard spots, League GM paid great respect to Devin Booker, with 17.0% nominating him as the NBA’s best shooting guard. That percentage reflects the second highest number of votes, following James Harden, who achieved 63.0 percent. It also put him on top of acclaimed off-guards like Bradley Beal and Luka Doncic.

Last year, Booker put together another impressive campaign. He averaged 25.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game, shooting 48.4 percent off the field.

However, Booker raised it even further during the postseason, averaging 27.3 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game. He also added four more than 40 points games to allow players to score the most points ever during their first stint after the season. Finally, play some meaningful games. Booker absolutely usedEducate the world about his wide range of talents and prove his position as a true superstar.

For Sands fans, Booker’s great play was a matter of course. They certainly enjoyed it, but didn’t have to take this additional lesson about his splendor.

However, Harden’s placement above Booker guarantees some question marks regarding his stance as a shooting guard, not about Harden being nominated as a better player than Booker. ..

Last year, Nets often called Harden a point guard rather than a shooting guard. Even Kyrie Irving, the team’s traditional point guard Last season I called Harden a “point guard” Immediately after they bought him through trade.

Therefore, according to these terms, Devin Booker will eventually become the league’s best shooting guard, based on the results of this poll. It must be exciting for Sands fans, their front office, and Booker himself.

This ideology certainly feels like a stretch, as the NBA loses more and more positions every day and Harden begins his career as a true shooting guard. But nevertheless, the NBA GM finally knows that Bookers are stuck with the league’s best players on at least two guard spots.

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NBA GM reveals thoughts about Devin Booker NBA GM reveals thoughts about Devin Booker

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