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From the moment he was hired, Monte McNair has been preaching flexibility. The new GM doesn’t want to be tied to the ability to make big moves. Sacramento Kings..

According to the work of Sam Amic and Jason Jones AthleticSo the only two unruly assets of Kings are De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton. If you keep your score at home, Marvin Bagley III is not on that list. And as the trading deadline approached, Sacramento made Bagley available for trading even if other teams hadn’t chewed yet. According to the report:

Rival executives have stated that Bagley III will be discussed in trade negotiations, but due to his struggles over the last two seasons, interest in him is widely seen as minimal.

Kings is not trying to get Bagley out of Sacramento. Rather, they strived to feature Bagley this season by keeping him in the starting lineup. This is because Bjelica is often a reserve lineup, even though Bagley wasn’t included in the team’s best five-man unit and Nemanja Bjelica outperformed him in a limited amount of time. Bagley has the advantage of playing with starters.

In fact, according to Amick and Jones, Bjelica was upset by the team’s insistence on prioritizing Bagley as part of the future and chose not to play while Bagley was in the starting lineup.

According to sources, Bjelica strongly opposed the decision and the reasons behind it, so he chose not to play until he returned to rotation from January 9th to February 12th. According to official records, the reasons for Bjelica’s absence ranged from “DNP-CD” to “back cramps” to “personal reasons”. He may be traded before the trading deadline of March 25th.

Bjelica’s return to court only occurred because the kings had lost their health due to the injuries / absences of Hassan Whiteside and Chimezie Metu. It was a boon to Sacramento as Bjelica reestablished his value after not playing for weeks, but unfortunately this recent stretch does not seem to have repaired the relationship between Bjelica and the franchise. Hmm.

Even with Bagley on the market, the ideal result for Kings is that Bagley will continue to improve and continue to be part of the younger core with Fox and Halliburton. Kings does not rule out that possibility. Given that this year is the year of team rebuilding, they are only doing due diligence.

Bagley needs to prove that he deserves to be the foundation player of the future. Until he does that, it makes perfect sense for Kings to test his market to see if the best place for him is in Sacramento or elsewhere.

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NBA Trade Deadline: Kings reportedly made Marvin Bagley III available for trade talk NBA Trade Deadline: Kings reportedly made Marvin Bagley III available for trade talk

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