NCsoft Q3 2020: Guild Wars 2 Recorded Highest Revenue Quarter in Two Years

First, get the best news for Western players with this NCsoft financial report. Guild Wars 2 It has been the most profitable since the third quarter of 2018, with a slight increase in revenue. This is probably due to the official announcement of the End of Dragons and the Cantha content that makes full use of the nostalgia of this summer.

Given the previously established timeline, the expansion itself is not expected until next year, perhaps later in the year.So it’s not clear if these higher numbers will be retained until their launch, but at least it should be a big clue for NCsoft. Guild Wars 2 Revenues really have a big impact on growth (and probably shouldn’t take more than two years between them).

Overall, NCsoft’s revenue is up almost half year-on-year, up 9% quarterly. NCsoft makes a profit Lineage 2M Launch and ” Lineage M And the main PC online game. NCsoft defended the new game rhythm, including delays, while calling investors Aion 2, Blade & Soul 2,and Project TLAt the end, it’s been protracted in the testing phase, literally before the establishment of the new Massively OP in 2015. But NCsoft told investors that the latest internal testing is “encouraging,” so you’ll probably see the game in our lifetime. After all.

Since we’re talking about NCsoft … do you remember how NCsoft has a baseball team called NC Dinos? They clearly won the Korean Series. Check out that sword of victory, my man.

NCsoft Q3 2020: Guild Wars 2 just had its best revenue quarter in two years

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