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NDDC Cruise-Headquarters, Police Station, Forensic Audit

Even if you don’t know anything Niger Delta Development Committee, NDDC, a commitment to beautify the little things, mysterious of its role when not flying from one scandal to another will not escape you. What else does NDDC do?

Books of literature on NDDC missions are scattered in public places. The NDDC wastes one or the other, with an amplitude that maintains the belief that the Commission is proud of what it calls a failure.

What is the outcome of the completion of the police special protection unit apartment block? SPU does not protect the general public. No matter where they are, they will be fetched for being tall and powerful wherever they are in trouble. The NDDC has re-funded the welfare of others at the expense of its mission, the Niger Delta.

The NDDC forensic audit assessment has been rated as perhaps the greatest achievement in the last six years, if not the entire existence. Another landmark is the completion of the headquarters complex.

How would any of these improve the life of the Niger Delta? Will gas flares, oil spills, pollution, forced acquisitions of communities for oil exploration, and exploitation of people by oil companies, governments, community leaders, and possible people be reduced?

People can’t wait for the audit to be published. They have to wait. Obon Godswill Akpabio, Minister of the Niger Delta, received the report on August 8, 2021. A little over three weeks later, he sent the report to Federal Attorney General Alhaji Abubakar Malami.

Malami will decide when to send it to the President. Or is he quiet? The joke is that the audit report was presented but not received.


What can we get from 13,777 abandoned contracts, 362 unadjusted bank accounts, and more than 6 trillion N budgeted to NDDC over the last eight years? Malami stated those numbers while receiving the audit report. He did not mention his source.

Obong Akpabio is waving court audits in the air as if it were a magic wand to the challenges facing the Niger Delta. He talks about it like a creed, but there is no doubt.

NDDC’s forensic audit is not an answer to a flawed character that plunders space. We recognize that nothing will happen other than leaving the office. Need a court audit to punish those who robbed the people of the Niger Delta over the years?

The board and management have turned to the awarding of flimsy contracts. The best contracts cannot be verified if they are executed quickly, are “sustainable”, or are not executed. Water hyacinth purification remains popular as it has the potential to remain interested in NDDC. Weeds will soon resurface.

I also like epidemic. Lassa fever was reported in Kathmandu and NDDC acted swiftly. A contract was signed for illness in the Nepalese capital, 8,610 kilometers from NDDC’s headquarters in Port Harcourt.

NDDC understands Global Village. Spending on COVID-19 started by October 2019. China reported the world’s first case by November 2019, and Nigeria reported it by February 27, 2020. NDDC was aggressive.

At a Senate committee hearing in July 2020, Deputy Managing Director Professor Kemebradikumo Daniel Pondei said that the provisional governing board, IMC, would take measures to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic, apart from full salary. He said he shared 1.3 billion N among staff, including himself. And allowance. Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, Deputy Managing Director of Projects, justified spending in a media interview. He said it was a standard practice.

Between February and May 2020, IMC members also paid N302 as a tour allowance. The country was completely closed.

From October 2019 to May 2020, NDDC account statement figures indicate that the IMC paid: 1.12 billion Newtons for advertising, according to the Senate Commission’s reporting system: For the police, 1.3 billion Newton in relation to the community, 475 million Newton in hand sanitizers and face masks.

Ojougboh said that Ponday received 51 million Newtons each month to feed the 100 police officers who protected him, that is, 510,000 Newtons each month to feed police officers with an official monthly salary of less than 100,000 Newtons. I confirmed with Vanguard. Why does Ponday need 100 cops? Ojougboh got 18 million N every month as an allowance.

And these –

During the COVID-19 pandemic blockade on April 15, 2020, NDDC paid 1.96 billion N for the procurement of a Lassa fever personal protection kit for 185 LGAs in NDDC. The IMC was unable to provide the name of a single recipient of the kit with 185 LGAs.

On July 23, 2020, the Senate resolved that the IMC would refund 4,923 million N, the amount paid for unverifiable contracts, to its federal account.

On July 29, 2020, the IMC withdrew 5.8 billion N for emergency desalination of Ipinle Ajenrela Creek, Igbokoda (Lot 3)-N634,761,500.00, Akaibiri Creek, Yenagoa – N634,761,500.00. From Ilar Creek, Igbokoda (Lot 2) – N634,761,500.00, Temetan Creek, Igbokoda (Lot 1) – N634,761,500.00, Ilaje High School Naval Base Fishing Terminal, Igbokoda (Lot 1) – N634,761,500.00, Yewa Creek, Okitipupa Canal (Lot 1) – N634,761,500.00, Ipinle Koforawe Creek, Igbokoda (Lot 2) – N634,761,500.00, belebiri Canal, Ogvia (Lot 2) – N739,071,500.00, According to Anti-corruption Group Kolawole Johnson, Act 2020 ACTI, a positive transformation initiative at a press conference on September 7.

Seven contracts awarded on the same day, in six different locations, perhaps for different tasks, were N634,761,500, respectively, at the same cost.

The main ambition of most actors in NDDC dramas is to devote resources to their political or fellow projects. Court audits do not discourage them.

Judge Mohammed Idris said on December 5, 2019, that corruption was a crime against humanity and ruled Senator Orziuzorkar and others for stealing 7.65 billion N from the Avia state government’s vault. After Kal spent six months in prison, the Supreme Court overturned the ruling.

The NDDC case fits Judge Idris’s account of corruption. Sadly, Niger Delta’s sons and daughters are involved in stealing their people’s lives.

An avid qualification that devours NDDC’s resources has been a patriotic mission for many. They will feel fooled if the indictment changes in the middle of the buffet that the current owners have created for them.

Focusing on audit reports from punishing predators, and more importantly, encouraging them to participate in future acquisitions of NDDC resources. Don’t panic if your audit report makes a bad mention. Dive into the ruling party and seek the advice of former APC National Chairman Adams Osiomore. Your loot is forgiven.

If you are fast enough about it, you may be given a presidential reception and a gross media appearance. The seasons are ripe for change.

Isiguzo is a major commentator on minor issues

NDDC Cruise-Headquarters, Police Station, Forensic Audit NDDC Cruise-Headquarters, Police Station, Forensic Audit

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