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NeCGA: Fertilizer companies are stopping “drying farmers”


NeCGA: Fertilizer companies are stopping “drying farmers”

The president of the Nebraska Corn Producers Association says that tariffs on imported fertilizers have come at the expense of farmers.

Andy Jobman says brownfield farmers share price and shortage concerns with the Mosaic Company, he said: If they want the whole market, they need to be able to supply the whole market. For now, they can’t. “

The U.S. Department of Commerce is in favor of CF Industries’ complaints that urea is imported from Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, and is government-sponsored, recommending countervailing duties on fertilizers from these countries.

In March, the US International Trade Commission approved a petition from a mosaic company to impose tariffs on phosphorus fertilizers imported from abroad.

And farmers in southwestern Nebraska said, “They are letting plants play, exporting domestic production from the United States, drying American farmers right now, and putting many in a pretty bad position.” increase.

Jobman says prices have skyrocketed by 200-300% since August and are struggling to buy input from distributors. “They don’t know so much when they can’t buy inputs, whether they can actually grow corn or certain crops without fertilizers that go into the production cycle,” says Jobman. .. “I’m very concerned and I don’t think I have a chance to feel at ease.”

According to DTN data, the average price of UAN 32% is $ 661 per ton.

Amie Simpson of the Brownfield contributed to this story.

NeCGA: Fertilizer companies are stopping “drying farmers” NeCGA: Fertilizer companies are stopping “drying farmers”

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