Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remaster Review

When Need for speed: hot pursuit Originally dropped in 2010, it has been well received by both critics and fans. NFS: Hot Pursuit Since then, like any other game, we’ve come closer to evoking memories of the pinnacle of tracking games. Need for speed: Hot pursuit 2..So before I enter Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remaster Let’s take a quick look at some of the high-level changes pushed by the reviews, EA.

  • Arms race Chaos on four wheel race mode where everyone is armed with teeth. Use gadgets, equipment, and dirty tricks against your opponent so that they cross the finish line first without doing anything.
  • Most Wanted Presents a thrilling open-world experience where a team of cops are tasked with hunting down one player marked as the most wanted. Meanwhile, hunter allies must do everything they can to slow down cops and help the most wanted to escape.

In addition to the modes, there are the following:

  • Improved look and readability of the HUD
  • There is a whole new racer garage
  • All menu screens and loading screens have been updated to add more useful information available to players at all events on the Career Map screen.
  • All in-game videos have been recreated and updated
  • The online multiplayer menu has been updated and improved
  • The ability to skip video and reward sequences has been added for players who want to cut directly into the action

So, we know what’s new and improved, so let’s find out if it was a worthwhile remaster.

Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered Review – What I Like


Driving a fictitious Seacrest County can be fun in nature, such as chasing criminals in a police car or trying to break the law and secure your freedom. The controls haven’t really changed since the first release, but the controls are retained as they were during the first lap.

Hitting over 200mph straight or using the drift and speed burst options to nail the perfect corner is very satisfying. It feels good to take out and ruin the vehicles of rivals and officers with the perfect timing of side swipes.

The control took some time before it felt like it had a complete understanding of its impact on the context. It took more time to understand how each vehicle reacts on the road and what their strengths and weaknesses are. When I started to understand it and combined it with the knowledge and experience of the course or sector I was racing, it was a turning point for my on-screen success.

Everyone’s approach and skill is different when it comes to this remaster, but in the end, you need to find a high level of fun and engagement that what you do with the controller has a big impact on the evolution of your actions on the screen. there is.

Graphical updates are important

NFS: HP was a good-looking game when it was launched 10 years ago, but even after 10 years, good-looking games still look more average today. The developers have done a great job of keeping the game up to date in almost every possible way. There is no single aspect of NFS. It’s an HP that looks outdated or out of place and includes cars, environments, crash sequences, and introductory videos.

NFS Hot Pursuit Remaster Review

The car presentation looks as detailed and wonderful as I remember — and probably more now. Being able to show off your car in intro videos and cutscenes is one thing, but being able to see it in fiery action and spectacular crash sequences is completely different. Thankfully, they look just as nice in-game as the presentation format.

The environment in which the game is played, Secret County is nice-looking, warm and lively, with a high level of attention to detail. Road signs, road barriers, detailed buildings, tunnels, bridges and other small things are all full of stunningly realistic tones and details.

From the game car to the surrounding details, NFS: HP looks and works great on the PS4 Pro, and the current system could easily pass late releases.


One of the best parts of NFS: HP is a strategy that games want to adopt. There are many options, but not all are offered in the form of “it seems like a good idea.” Some of the choices I made took me a chance to get time and money, while others were a godsend and easily achieved all the goals I was looking for. It was useful for.

Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered Review

The county is littered with shortcuts and various roads. Some can help, while others can be time consuming and ruin current attempts because they are so difficult to navigate at high speeds. There is no easy way to understand what works best when, other than constantly monitoring some hidden routes and trying them over and over again.

Not only does strategy work when crossing the countryside, but it is also a big factor when racing as an officer or driver. Each car is equipped with special options, ranging from falling spike strips to escape police officers and catching bad guys to aggressive helicopter calls to assist in takedowns. Over.

Some of the options and options available are more difficult to implement than others, and the situation determines what works best. I highly recommend using all the weapons you have in the arsenal. Because they pay dividends and generally make your current attempt much easier.

The Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Reviews – What I Don’t Like

Lack of depth

I found it difficult to drop a controller and leave NFS, but it doesn’t apply to everyone. As mentioned earlier, the game has some great variety in terms of racing, challenges, vehicles, etc., but that’s it.

This is especially true for offline players. Nothing is waiting for a storyline, a character arc, or some kind of personal redemption. The closest thing to something like this is to see the prize money for procuring new vehicles go up or rank up as an officer.


NFS: HP offers a lot of versatility and fun, but for those who decide to take the plunge again or for the first time, games in the single-player realm have a bit of repetitive linearity.

AI rubber banding

Games like NFS: HP requires a rubber banding or AI racer to slow down or accelerate based on what the player is doing during the current race or challenge. So this isn’t necessarily something I hate about games, but it’s popular and very noticeable.

Sometimes the effects of AI are in your favor, and sometimes the game feels like you’re trying to get you. Anyway, this is an “FYI” for those who don’t remember rubber banding from the first release or for beginners in the series.


If you enjoy the original release of Need for speed: hot pursuit, Then it’s easy to get the remastered version. Adrenaline-fueled racers have been updated to take advantage of a new generation of systems, which shows. NFS is truly addictive. Every time you hit the road in Secret County, HP offers you speed and a sense of accomplishment like never before.

As mentioned earlier, NFS isn’t incredibly deep and there’s no real story other than progress and car unlocking / rewards. However, if you need a quick enthusiastic race and takedown (yet), you need to add NFS: HP.

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