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During the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester United and RB Leipzig, Alan Smith made an interesting observation about Paul Pogba. He argued that, despite comments from agent Mino Raiola, not many clubs are currently interested in signing his client, Pogba.

“He’s not creative enough and inconsistent enough,” Smith said in a commentary. If Smith’s remarks are true, it may be worried about the signs of United in the winter 2021 transfer window. Unpacking in January is more important for the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer team, and the first player on the list should be Pogba.

More than two years have passed since Pogba’s frustration began at Manchester United, and his presence has begun to hurt the Solskger team. A week after United lost to Tottenham 6-1, Pogba was heard openly flirting with Real Madrid at a press conference. “Every soccer player wants to play for Real Madrid. That’s a dream for me, why someday?”

Earlier this month, a few days after Pogba won the screamer, His agent said in an interview with Tuttosport The Pogba era ended in Old Trafford. Not only did it hurt United fans, but it could also sacrifice the Champions League 16 Red Devil’s spot.

I could have included Pogba in his starting lineup for Leipzig, especially with his goal for West Ham in mind. With Anthony Martial and Edinson Cavani excluded due to injury and Fred suspending the contest, that would seem like a clear call.

However, I took action and was forced to sit in Pogba. Angelino left enough space to overcome the completely puzzled Aaron Wan Bisaka in the new set, so he had to try to fit into the defense of five to push the game for a draw. did. -up. He wasn’t the only one.

Luke Shaw and Alex Telles kept hitting each other, Harry Maguire seemed confused, players were comfortable and unconfident, and even unaware of the role they were playing.

Magwire was fine after the match. “If you can’t keep the cross, you’ll lose the game. I don’t want to see the shape – that’s no excuse …” he said. “We have to do more.”

But could I have avoided this result if I was playing Pogba first? Instead of bringing him in half-time as a panic change? Probably.

When the transfer window reopens – United’s first job must be to sell Pogba. This is a difficult decision. United management recognizes that it needs to suffer significant losses. But it’s still the right call. Pogba’s heart is not in Manchester United.

Apart from Pogba, I should also consider letting go of forgotten players such as Jesse Lingard and Phil Jones. The money invested should be used to bring in solid defensive midfielders such as Declan Rice from West Ham and further strengthen their defense with Raphaël Varane. Both are my long-standing targets.

United roped Cavani and Donny van de Beek in the summer, but it was a good move as they could maintain the second half of the season without bringing in players.

Even if Odion Ighalo returns to China in January after the loan period ends, Cavani will close the striker position gap and Van de Beak will be able to play the role of midfield if Pogba is sold. I will.

But letting go of all the luggage starting with Pogba will mark the beginning of the overhaul that United fans have been demanding for years.

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Need to talk about Paul Pogba: Manchester United’s most important winter forwarding call Need to talk about Paul Pogba: Manchester United’s most important winter forwarding call

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