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Have you reached a time when developers are eagerly looking forward to the next generation in the console generation, where machines are starting to push the boundaries? Before the release of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2013, apparently overkill titles often appeared, resulting in poor performance. There is a decent argument that this is the case with Watch Dogs-at least on the standard vanilla Xbox One S. It’s a technically ambitious game, and there are obvious performance issues with new patches. So how much can PlayStation 4 improve the problem and how can the enhanced machine solve the problem? Or is this game so ambitious or do you have to wait to play it on your PS5 and Xbox Series X?

For developer Ubisoft Toronto, delivering this complex game to so many different systems requires a careful balance. All Watch Dogs titles to date have evolved in more complex cities, dating back to the 2014 original, with ideas spreading to show futuristic versions of Chicago, San Francisco, and now London. Legion offers the most exciting background in the series so far. This is a wonderful city with cruel and utopian details.

The demand for more complex architectures and materials has made it a very familiar virtual playground in open world games. From the towering presence of the Capitol to the glass-dyed windows of a local pub, it treats micro and macro details great, and it’s easily a star of the show. Ubisoft Toronto has done a great job of combining city landmarks with the rise of new and reliable technologies such as drones, street surveillance, cars and buses. All of this is also backed up by the Watch Dogs Big Event Open World feature. Day and night cycles, weather conditions, destruction of cars and objects. It’s certainly a shorthand version of London, condensed into highlights, but to be honest, exploring every turn is of great value.

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Watch Dogs: Legion-A complete technical breakdown of consoles for all current generations.

So how do different consoles stack up? Similar to the upcoming PC release, it has temporary upscaling options that work to varying degrees on all consoles. Of course, the most frequently used is the base Xbox One, which has a maximum resolution target of 1600×900, but is dynamic and can drop to 1216×684 at the lowest on the busiest streets. Not only that, the reconstruction causes the collapse of moving images, but such things are less obvious on enhanced machines. The Xbox One X version is a gun close to 4K. It’s ambitious, but it’s actually approaching. The maximum is 3584×2016 and the lower limit is set to 1440p. Again, it may be rebuilt in some way, but it’s the clearest image on the console. As you can imagine, 1080p is the upper limit for PS4 amateurs, but it dynamically drops to 1536×864, or 80% of its top targets. And for PS4 “Professional”, it peaks at 1620p and drops to about 2304×1296.

This is a complete number, but there are many things in image quality, not just statistics. Proper temporal rebuilding formats have a significant impact, especially on the base Xbox One. In this case, the final result is very blurry and unclear. The visual feature set is quite similar, but the enhanced machine benefits from improved screen space reflections and improved texture filtering quality. All major systems apply to all platforms. Physics, meteorological systems, and even NPC counts look the same on all four systems. Even with streaming issues and shadow pop-ins at points, achieving such a detailed city has never been easier for the base machine. But when it comes to performance, they pay a price for it, and that’s where the comparison between the vintage 2013 Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 game holds the water.

The Xbox One is clearly at the bottom of the mountain. Tutorial missions run fine, but in more detailed open worlds and busy scenes of all kinds, frame rates plummet and annoying screen tearing occurs. High speed driving also reduces performance levels. Even with DRS and image reconstruction to reduce the load, the Xbox One obviously struggles. Thankfully, the base PlayStation 4 improves the situation. So I have a lock close to 30 frames per second, but I feel like I don’t hit the target often enough. In other words, the screen tearing may be too wide. This is especially problematic when driving at high speeds. The Xbox One X aims to display the best possible images for 4K displays, and while you can see frame rate buckles in the busiest city scenes with lots of explosive action, Overall it does a pretty good job.

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Take a look at what Ubisoft promises to Watch Dogs: Legion for Xbox Series X. Everything is very shiny.

The Xbox One X seems to be struggling in some cases, perhaps in response to 4K high-resolution targets. Partly this is evidenced by the way PS4 Pro runs. This is a much lower resolution target at 1620p, but overall it looks less rifted. This is the best performance version and X is the second closest version. Also, the fact that tiering is very infrequent is a big plus. My book is enough to justify low resolution. A trade-off that increases stability between frames. The Xbox One X delivery isn’t perfect, but in all respects it’s clear that the enhanced version is ideal at this time.

After all, the initial impression wasn’t good, and while the situation is good with the current patch, the only real disappointment in terms of performance is the Xbox One S. That said, screen tearing issues and slightly erratic frame rates definitely rob Vanilla’s PlayStation 4 of some of its brilliance-and your plans are glossy from the current generation of base machines. If it’s to move to a new machine, I’d say for a PS5 or Series X, it might be worth igniting a legion purchase where the improvement should be obvious.

Thankfully, the enhanced console is at hand to provide a more stable experience, but the Xbox One X’s focus on scaling up resolution makes it an overall more stable experience than its rival PS4 Pro. It’s interesting to see another game where you can’t get. Choose to play here now. We hope that not only will performance be improved, but some bugs will be resolved. All kinds of glitches and crashes that occur in different playthroughs. However, we hope that the next generation will solve the performance issue comprehensively, and we are really looking forward to seeing if the raytraced reflections can withstand the PC version. This can dramatically improve the look of the game. Finally, address one of the most noticeable complaints leveled against the original Watch Dogs. We will soon consider the PC version and return to PS5 and Xbox series coverage at the right time.

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