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The Spurs have been struggling against Brighton today as they have played their first match without Harry Kane since Harry Kane was injured in Liverpool in the middle of the week.

Lily White wanted the English captain to stay healthy for as long as possible, despite signing Carlos Vinícius in the summer.

Kane is arguably the most important player of the season, as he regularly provides Son Heung-min with points and assists.

They haven’t tested Vinícius in the Premier League, and now that Kane is out, Standard sports alex young The Spurs say they are in trouble.

He did not expect the Koreans to play that role, but advised Jose Mourinho to focus his son on the attack.

Kane’s importance wasn’t lost to journalists, he said the team would have a hard time finding their rhythm without the age of 27, predicting a 1-1 draw with Graham Potter’s side.

He writes about standard sports as follows: “Harry Kane’s injury meant a readjustment of the attack on the Spurs. Son Heung-min acted as the sole focus, but there was little threat.

“Gareth Bale is approaching full fitness and has made a rare start by playing against Brighton earlier this season. Carlos Vinícius, who signed the loan for this exact reason, is not surprising. It’s a choice, but it doesn’t seem to have full confidence in Jose Mourinho.

“The spurs look weak in the back and weak in the front after Harry Kane is injured. Not only that, strikers can suffer from rhythm.”

This is typical lazy journalism. I think the Spurs played against Barcelona later today in Young’s way. So, has Tottenham ever won without Kane? You didn’t reach the Champions League final without the main scorer.

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Negative journalist about Tottenham’s chances for Brighton today Negative journalist about Tottenham’s chances for Brighton today

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