Neil Druckmann appointed co-representative of Naughty Dog

Last of us And Uncharted 4 Director Neil Druckmann was appointed co-representative of Naughty Dog last weekend at the end of the year announcement from the studio.

Druckmann has been Vice President of the company for the past three years. During that time, he was a great co-author and creative director. Last of Us Part II On the PlayStation 4, released earlier this year. Alison Mori and Christian Garling have been promoted to the previous role of Dragman as vice presidents of the studio.

Following the news, Dragman tweeted, “I’m still writing with the director, helping to guide the next wave of creators,” so it sounds like he’s still ending his previous responsibilities. No, but the next specific thing about what he and the studio are doing is, of course, very vague at this point.

Will you upgrade to PS5? Last of Us Part IIBack to unknown Or is it completely new? As you’ll see over time, Dragman is already a very busy person, Last of us The TV series is over on HBO.

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