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Julius Anglicus There was a short flicker of hope for Vadim NemkovBut it was only a moment.

Nemkov (14-2, 7-0 Verator) held a light heavyweight crown and overwhelmed Angricus (10-2, 3-1 Verator) in the fourth round.
Bellator 268
On Saturday night, the headliner at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona punched a ticket to the final of the £ 205 Grand Prix promotion. Kimura closed the show at 4:25 in Round 4. Nemkov Corey Anderson Probably at the Grand Prix Championship at a future event in 2022.

Anglickas scared at the opening stanza when Nemkov buckled Fedor Emelianenko straight to the right. The Russians responded by taking Angriccus to the canvas, where he was able to recover before the Lithuanian fighters returned to his feet and land some ground and ponds. For the rest of the frame, Nemkov kept away Anglicus with straight punches and kicks.

However, in the course of the next three rounds, it was Nemkov’s wrestling that decided the course of the fight. He grounded Anglickas relatively easily in each period and hit his opponent with punches and elbows from the top position, threatening with several different submissions such as arm triangle choke, arm bar, and Kimura ending the fight. After a glimpse of success, Anglickas gave little resistance to the canvas, but it was impressive enough that he survived. Anglickas has replaced the Grand Prix Anthony Johnson, Those who withdrew from brackets due to health concerns.

“He caught me. I wasn’t knocked down. Nemkov talked about a big moment in Anglicus.” The reason I went to fight was because he was stiff. I was him. I hit him a few times and realized that it didn’t happen, so I went to the submission. “

At the joint main event Corey Anderson Made a big statement with a quick technical knockout victory over the former £ 205 champion Ryan Bader.. “Overtime” approached the contest 51 seconds after Round 1 and ran around the former Arizona State University All-American School. Birder lost two of his last three appearances in the light heavyweight division, but remains the heavyweight ruler of California-based promotions.

“It feels great. Everything I’ve experienced … It’s a real blessing to achieve it here,” Anderson said. “Because Ryan is my friend, I hate the fact that it had to happen, but someone had to lose.”

An overhand just behind Anderson’s ear dropped the birder and started the finish sequence. From there, Anderson unleashed the ferocious ground and Pound’s Salvo, and Birder did his best to hide the danger and roll out. In the end, the stubborn power MMA team could no longer defend themselves wisely, and referee Jason Herzog intervened to end the genocide. Anderson won seven of the last eight professional outings for the Grand Prix Final.

Elsewhere Brent Primus (11-2, 9-2 Bellator) bet his claim on another lightweight title shot that unanimously defeated the former UFC champion. Benson Henderson (28-11, 5-6 Bellator). Former King Berator received 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 scorecards to win his third win on four outings since he let go of the £ 155 belt. Michael chandler December 2018.

Eventually, Primus threatened with a back submission and regained Henderson’s back many times, proving to be a better competitor on the canvas. In the opening round, Primus refused Henderson’s multiple takedowns and attacked with both the guillotine and Kimura. Henderson was at his best in the second stanza as he mixed his kicks to different levels, his knees to his body and his straight left hand. Momentum changed when Primus regained Henderson at 1:30 and spent the rest of the second round in that position.

Henderson landed another left hand and temporarily kneeled Primus early in Round 3, but sports lab representatives recovered and soon after took advantage of an inappropriate Henderson guillotine attempt. .. Primus refused the submission attempt and threatened with his own chalk before moving to backmount. From there, the 36-year-old will spend more than two minutes on the other person’s back. Primus couldn’t do any serious damage with the punch or secure the choke, but Henderson had nothing to do to escape the predicament.

Just a while ago Henry Corrales (19-6, 7-6 Bellator) kept the fight upright and cruised for a unanimous verdict Vladyslav Parubchenko (15-3, 0-2 Bellator) In a featherweight case. All three Cageside Judges submitted 30-27 tally in support of the 35-year-old Fight Redi representative.

Parubchenko landed the takedown early in the opening stanza, but Corrales recovered in a relatively short order, from which he was able to determine the terms of engagement. The Corrals gradually picked up steam, landed their right hand in range, and did a good job in clinch-dirty boxing while Parbchenko struggled to get closer. His best moment was Round 3, where he dropped Parubchenko with his short left hand during a pocket exchange. From there, the Corrals only gained confidence as they combined punches and defensively put this opponent on most of the frame.

On a spare card, Karl Albrektsson (13-3, 2-1 Bellator) survived a fierce battle with light heavyweight Grand Prix participant Dovltdzhan Yagshimuradov (18-7, 0-2 Bellator) and won a unanimous decision at £ 205. All three judges submitted scorecards 29-28 in support of Albrektsson. The 28-year-old Pancrase Gym Sweden representative has won four consecutive games, winning two in a California-based promotion.

After a slow but competitive opening stanza, action recovered significantly in Round 2. Albrexon clipped and dropped a Turkmenistan native with his right hand early in Stanza, from which the Swedes teeed off to Yagsimradov with his right hand. Finally stand before assuming a full mount. Albrektsson spent much of his time landing his punches and elbows from above, and Yagshimuradov used leg locks twice to sweep from his back and escape.

Round 3 was the most closely contested of all frames. Albrektsson grounded and mounted the enemy early on, but Yagshimuradov was able to explode and return to his feet. The most memorable moment of the round was from the title list of the Absolute Championship Akumat. He chased a spinning high kick with a large three-punch combination in which Albrexson wrapped around the fence. The “King” was able to regain enough bearings to record another takedown in the last moment, stopping Yagsimradov’s foot momentum.

Former Absolute Championship Berkut title holder in more than two years Muhammed Belkamov He tapped a former Legacy Fighting Alliance champion, so there were no signs of rust. Jarry Willis Guillotine choke at 4:05 in the opening round of a preliminary welterweight match. The Sanford MMA representative, now founded as a competitor for £ 170, has completed nine of his 14 career victories by submission.

Willis (15-3, 2-1 Verator) started immediately, landing his right hand and stumbling his opponent backwards on the mat. From there, Willis began vigilance before finally moving on to a naked strangulation attempt. Berkhamov (14-0, 1-0 Bellator) was able to stand up, shake off the enemy and occupy a dominant position.From there, the 27-year-old Russian previously landed a punch on Willis’s head from back control. Move to a mounted guillotine and let the enemy sit on the fence with Willis’s arm trapped around his neck. Willis had no choice but to tap in just a few seconds, his six consecutive victories are a thing of the past.

Previous Preliminary Action: Former Legacy Fighting Alliance Champion Nick Brown
(12-1, 1-0 Bellator) Submission Bobby Lee
(12-7, 0-3 Bellator) With heel hook 1:38 Lightweight for the opening round. Javier Torres (12-5, 1 NC, 1-2 Bellator) finished their MMA career by defeating Gregory Millard (12-7, 0-2 Bellator) in a split decision in the middle weights. Sumiko Inaba (3-0, 3-0 Bellator) Submission Randy field
(2-1, 0-1 Bellator) With arm triangle choke At the 2:02 mark in Round 2 of the flyweight contest. Lance Gibson
Junior (5-0, 3-0 Verator) Pounding Raymond Pina (9-5, 0-2 Bellator) With punch from top position 1:44 to the second round of lightweight scrap. Jaron Bates (4-0, 4-0 Bellator) Tap out Rafael Montini Delima (5-5, 1 NC, 0-1 Bellator) With arm bar 3:49 To the bantamweight opening stanza. Ryan Bader
Training partner Sullivan Corey (2-0, 2-0 Bellator) Dispatch Deon Crash
(1-1, 0-1 Bellator) With punch and elbow 4:59 To the light heavyweight opening round. Maria Henderson, Verator Lightweight Candidate Wife Benson Henderson,Submitted Collet Santiago 40 seconds of Round 1 of the Amateur Flyweight Contest.

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Nemkov overwhelms Angriccus, Anderson Wallops Vader, Verator 268 Nemkov overwhelms Angriccus, Anderson Wallops Vader, Verator 268

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