Nemo’s War: Journey’s End Expansion & Ultimate Edition Up On Kickstarter

December 2, 2020 by Polar_Bear

Victory point game people are giving you Nemo War Players will be giving away a big early holiday gift this year. They are running a Kickstarter campaign for the ultimate edition as well as new extensions to the game.Check it out The end of the journey Find out more on the Kickstarter page.

From the campaign:

Here’s the latest extension to Nemo’s War! Features …

  • Between Comprehensive Operation Manual and Navigation Guide: The new operation manual shows how to run a ship turn-by-turn and includes many useful appendices at the end. New voyage guides set up, end the game, score, epilogues, variants and more!
  • New 2 Player Versus Variant: Joins the fascinating solo and collaborative modes in which players command Nautilus. In this game variant, one player plays as an imperialist and succumbs to defeat. Includes a special card and two Imperial Squadron miniatures!
  • New Character Tile: Entering our story is Nadine Ducker, Nemo’s son, who crosses the road with his father after hearing the news of a mysterious event at sea!
  • Liven up the ending with new final cards: The Trap, Imperialists’ Catspaw, Scientific Espionage, and The Kraken!
  • New stern motivation, additional nautilus upgrades, and more tokens and markers!

The campaign has more than 11 times more funding and only 8 days left.


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