Neopets developers are reportedly “thinking about bringing games to the Nintendo Switch” • .net

However, the studio refused to share any further details.

The early Noughties virtual pet website Neopets may appear on your local Nintendo Switch.

Nothing has been decided yet, but Neopets’ current development team is trying to bring it to Nintendo, according to a new report from the Washington Post (£) investigating the impact of the end of Adobe Flash on flash games of all generations. It is reported that. A handheld console that is popular with families.

Journalist Shannon Liao said in an interview with the article that the neopets team was “thinking about bringing the game to Nintendo Switch,” but “refused to share details.”

Exciting fans is a bit that “refused to share details”, suggesting that efforts to port the game to the Nintendo Switch may already be underway.

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Yes, it’s old enough to drink on both sides of the pond, but Neopets are still powerful today and are available in mobile versions. It has been run by US developer JumpStart Games since 2014, and JumpStart Games is owned by Chinese online game publisher NetDragon.

Last year, a Canadian television company acquired the TV rights to the Neopets franchise, confirming that the anime show is now in the pipeline. The first episode will debut later this year.

Founded in the UK by a few boring college students, Neopets quickly gained corporate support and grew into a gaming platform that is visited by millions of people every day, creating console game spin-offs and a plethora of merchandise.


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