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The two kiwis returned home to participate in the New Zealand Grand Prix last weekend. Bangis Bergen won in a sensational situation..

They initially crossed Tasman under a border bubble agreement that would allow them to re-enter Australia without being quarantined or quarantined.

However, these plans were harpooned on Monday when the Australian Government suspended green zone travel arrangements with New Zealand.

This was a response to a community-active woman infected with the highly contagious South African COVID-19 strain.

The bubble outage was set to lift today at 2:00 pm AEDT, but is now extended until next Sunday.

As a result, Wangisbergen and Heimgartner face a nervous wait as the new supercar season approaches.

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If the bubble recovers as planned, both can return in time for their respective times. Pre-season test (February 12 for Wangisbergen, February 16 for Heimgartner).

However, if stopped indefinitely, you could face a 14-day forced hotel quarantine when you return to Australia if you can find a location in your overloaded system.

It would exclude Wangisbergen from his pre-season testing, because it had to be in the hotel quarantine by today to get out in time.

Heimgartner will need to enter the quarantine system until next Monday, if necessary, in time for pre-season testing of Kelly Grove Racing.

He is currently planning to return to Australia on Sunday night.

Once in compulsory quarantine, 14 days of full monitoring is required, even if rules change during the mission.

There is still some breathing space before the opening round of the 2021 supercar season becomes an issue. Drivers must enter the hotel quarantine by February 11 in time to arrive at Mount Panorama.

Heimgartner was injured in the opening round of Bathurst after suffering two fractures in his hand over the NZGP weekend.

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Nervous waiting for a stuck supercar driver for 72 hours Nervous waiting for a stuck supercar driver for 72 hours

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